Monday, September 10, 2012

Congratulations, Michael Pineda: Lunchables Yankee Employee of the Wonderful Month of August

Congratulations, Michael.
Only six months left to Yankee debut!


Alphonso said...

i think he'll be serving jail time during next spring training.

if he has a wife or girlfriend ( with his money, likely a dozen or so girlfriends and a few wives ), he'll abuse her.

He just looks, 100%, a criminal.

Swinging Kei said...

May as well make it official and change the poll question to "Who is so inconsequential that we should sacrifice them to this month's IIH Employee of the Month Curse ?"

Joe Verbanic said...

Is that a mug shot? Looks like one. I suspect the voting was rigged in this poll so that the powers-that-be behind the magic curtain of this web site could taunt us with more of their pessimistic juju, relentlessly reminding us that the Pineda trade may well be our reverse curse of the Bambino.