Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Told You Nunez Would Never Play a full Game In The field Without Making At Least One Colossal Blunder

It never bothered me that Nunez disappeared onto the Scranton wandering minstrel bus.

His presence in the Yankee line-up always hurt us more than it helped us.

He can hit.  He can run.

But he can't catch and he can't throw.

Does that make him a two-tool player?

I found this stone sculpture, symbolic of his skills as an infielder, displayed in his home town.

It is simply labeled, " Nunny."

And guess what?  He is the best young prospect we have.



Anonymous said...

That a scary thought. Nunez being our top prospect.I was hoping we could trade him to Houston for a bag og baseballs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.Your sense of perspective on this one tells me you haven't been paying attention. The list of names heading the parade into the stadium over the next 2-4 years is so reasonably attractive that to name all of them would take too long. Soundslike all this .500 ball is getting to your head. Get a grip man!

Anonymous said...

And the error he made yesterday wasn't fatal - it meant that th eYanks lost 6-4 instead of 5-4.

Anonymous said...

enough of your bullcrap about nunez. they should have never sent him down.

bennyboy said...

What about Sanchez? The catcher?

Dr. Hank said...

There's nothing wrong with Nunez that couldn't be cured by emergency appendectomy.

Look what it did for Pena.