Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yankees win, without any known new sex tape... but did someone else bring our bats back to life?

Behind CC Sabathia - whose logo t-shirt hovering atop a toilet stall may be the Yankees' most enduring September 2012 image - the Bronx Bombers today won their 8th game in 10 tries, since the YouTube posting of the now infamous left field bleachers rest room sex video.

Earlier, we opined that the obvious juju boost from the sex tape - we won seven in a row after cell phones captured the video two Saturday's ago - had begun to diminish. To get our boys winning again, we figured some anonymous heroes out there needed to step forward and tape one for the team.

Well, I don't know what you people do in your spare time. In fact, I'm not sure anybody, aside from the Department of Homeland Security, really wants to know what you do in your spare time. (Actually, they probably already do know.) But after today's wonderful laugher, I can't help but think that somebody out there "laid down a few tracks," so to speak, to get CC and company back on the beam.

Or there is another possibility. Longtime readers of this blog know that a few years back, there was disturbing but distinct link between the deaths of beloved celebrities (such as Ed McMahon) and Yankee winning streaks. This posed a dilemma. If we noted the correlation and the Yankee winning streak, we ran the risk of sounding happy about the death of the beloved celebrity.

No one here is happy when a celebrity dies. But the fact is, there is ample anecdotal evidence that when celebrities pass into the next life, the Yankee bats come to life. I report this fact with genuine sadness.  I would never trade a Yankee victory for a celebrity's life. Never. That's a deal none of us wants to start.

That said, I am sorry to report that this man is gone.

All I can say is what's already been said...

Moon river, wider than a mile.
I'm crossin' you in style, someday.
Dream maker, you heart-breaker.
Wherever you're going, I'm your way.

R.I.P. Andy, and thanks.

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