Friday, September 21, 2012

Will the Redsocks even try against Baltimore?

What goes around, comes around. Last fall, we sleepwalked with a huge lead and let the Rays win a game that still haunts Boston. This year, they have a chance to get back at us.

Can't say I would blame them for handing Baltimore a broom and saying, "Sweep away!" Bottom line is that while we play Oakland, fighting for its life, the Orioles will play a team that views victories as options.

This is where Bobby Valentine, if he had any clout in the clubhouse, might rally a bunch of players. But that ship sailed three months ago. Lester pitches tonight. Maybe he's got a future contract in mind. And maybe Jacoby Ellsbury is looking to raise his meager stats for the season. But let's face reality:

We phoned in last year, and they'll phone it in this weekend.

To stay ahead of Baltimore, we need to sweep Oakland, and that's no easy feat. We could well be in second place, or tied, by Sunday night.


Stang said...

What you say is possible. But consider that the Sox might hate the Orioles by now. The O's beat them four times last September.

Joe DePastry said...

Most of those Sox are gone or hurt.