Sunday, April 26, 2015

A long, hot spring in Baltimore

I try to avoid reality. Who needs it? Pttuui. Baseball is supposed to give comfort, Yankee dominance and escape from the real world. Also, it used to be cheaper than Oxycodone. But yesterday in Baltimore, Reality beat Escapism by a score of 14-0.

Fans at the O's-Redsocks game couldn't leave the park, because Camden Yards was surrounded by people fighting. Check out these haunting images of "violent protesters" confronting "bar patrons" (Fox descriptions) outside the park. Imagine coming out of a stadium, two sheets to the wind, and walking through a riot on way to your car.

I try to avoid politics. What do I know? Nothing more than you. That said, here goes: I'm tired of cops shooting people. Every fricking police force in America should know by now that it's happening way too often. I don't know how a guy mistakes his gun for his taser. I don't know why a guy shoots somebody running from his car - five times in the back. I don't know how anyone explains a guy getting carried into a police van and 30 minutes later coming out with a broken neck. The cops always close ranks, and the courts will still back any thug who never should have been issued a badge and a gun. It's going to be a long, hot summer  spring in Baltimore, and yesterday, Reality came to a boil right on Escapism's doorstep.


Mustang said...

Right on, baby.

Blind Robin said...

Duque,I agree but I have never been more confused/conflicted than I am at this moment.

joe de pastry said...

Avoiding politics is a good idea.
The Yankees are depressing enough.

Leinstery said...

Let's be real, Carlos Beltran fucking sucks.

John M said...

Yeah, what Leinstery said.