Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Is This A Trend?

For each three games played, we have won a single game.  If this holds tonight, the Yanks will be 1-2 in Camden Yards, and loser of three straight series.  A major confidence boost to their upcoming trip to St. Petersburg.

I am still pissed that not a single one of the 5 guys against whom the shift is used, will try to hit it to the open side of the infield.  Most of these clowns are hitting .200 or worse.  Why not, on the first pitch ( if remotely in the strike zone, which it usually is ) of every at bat, take a half swing and try to punch something to the left?  If it is a pop-up, it likely won't get caught.  If it is a ground ball, it could wind up a double ( except that Beltran , McCann and Tex can't run a lick).

Seriously.  What is going on? If any of these guys even makes contact with the ball, it will be a plus, and a successful attempt will cause the other team to think twice.  At least it isn't predictably boring.
And each of them can strike out on the next two pitches anyway.  Right now, their at-bats are predictably boring with predictably awful results.

We know they can't bunt, so just stick the bat out and give a weak hack.  The only aim being to make contact between the bat and ball.  It is just disgraceful that no one tries.  That is why the other team can so brazenly put on the shift.

They know the Yankee batters are idiots, driven by some macho vision that they are too good to dribble a double to third base.  To these Yankee batters, it isn't doing things to help the team win that counts, it is looking good while not trying, and failing that matters.

Meanwhile, they dribble on their shirts instead and hit .150.  And the Yankees keep losing.

Okay  It is early yet.  But if we are saying that in June.....


John M said...

McCann. Ground ball through the right-side hole, picked up in shallow right field and thrown out at first with the tying run on second.

Ta da.

steve said...

Mike Francesa: "Listen, listen, listen. Tex and McCann aren't being paid millions to dribble singles to left. They're here to hit balls over da fence. You think da shift defeated Ted Williams??"