Monday, April 27, 2015

The big bad Redsocks have absolutely no pitching, and Mookie Betts might be Jackie Bradley III

Gems from Gordon Edes:

For the second time in four starts Sunday, left-hander Wade Miley failed to last the third inning, driven from the mound in an 18-7 loss to the Baltimore Orioles after allowing as many runs (seven) as he registered outs. That’s the second time that has happened to Miley in just 11 days.

One month into his American League incarnation, and Miley already is assured of the worst month of his career (8.62 ERA), hardly what Sox GM Ben Cherington envisioned when he traded for the 28-year-old left-hander, then signed him to a three-year, $19.25 million contract extension before he’d thrown his first pitch for Boston.

Meanwhile, Mookie Betts is hitting .189 - Didi and Drew territory.


Leinstery said...

Keep in mind Mookie Betts had about 6 hits against the Yankees in that 19 inning game. You take that away I don't think he's even above .100

Anonymous said...

Mookie Betts is Jackie Bradley Jr. all over again??? Come on man seriously please find something else to write about.

jdrny said...

Didi , Drew, and Beltran not far off the Betts batting average