Saturday, April 11, 2015

Did The Master use the f-word last night? Let's go to the videotape

The question, via Reddit, goes this way: Did a weary John Sterling in the 19th inning last night, utter the f-word?

I managed to get to the audio feed, to the point where the writer contends that John used the f-word. Listen for yourself.

My take: He did NOT swear. Not even close. Just after Suzyn talks about wishing she lived closer to the stadium, he says, jokingly, 'WHY?" It's a little garbled, but it's not a curse.

For the record, you can love or hate Sterling, but let's face it: He is far too much a professional to ever swear on the air. Even in a 19 inning Yankee loss.


KD said...

I attended this game and I fucking lost it too. Anyhow, a few observations.

There are NO banners on the side of the stadium this year. Although the empty metal frames are still there. No colorful pictures of the team's stars as in years past. Is Hal saving a few coins? Or are the Yanks telling us there are no players worth promoting?

Security lines are VERY long but they moved fast.

Our Jeter replacement is being platooned with DREW! After years of knowing the Captain was on his last legs, we get a guy that has such a noodle bat against lefties that DREW is a better choice!

A-Rod still has something to offer.

John M said...

I think it was Suzyn who said 'Fuck.' Or something that sounded a lot like it.

el duque said...

You're right. But I think she says "park," or something.