Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ten points that prove we live in an insane Yankiverse

1. Only four AL teams have winning records.

2, The Yankees' best player is Chris Young.

3. Baseball's two best teams are in the AL Central.

4. A .500 team may qualify for the post-season.

5. Baseball's best pitcher is Shane Green.

6. The Yankees have yet to suffer a critical injury.

7. Paul O'Neill - who devours every foodstuff in the press box and routinely asks questions such as "Anybody know when the Yankees started wearing numbers?" - (Note: He doesn't know) - is the best reason to watch YES. (Second place: David Cone making subtle references to his rock star partying days.)

8. The Mets are the NL's best team.

9. The Astros could win their division.

10. Cheapo Hal Steinbrenner is running around, denying that he's cheap. But he is.


Duabe said...

Paul O'Neill explaining Monkey Rolls -- he always adds another dimension to the broadcast. Love it when he calls his wife Mama.

John M said...

My mind is reeling. Evo looked great. CC looked pretty great. Young, Tex, Drew...they ain't completely sucking, Tex is even off the interstate finally.

And Nova comes back in June. Good Lord.

Keep repeating to yourself, it won't last. It won't last. It won't last....

KD said...

keep it up IIHIIFII..c faithful. Our negative JuJu appears to be taking hold.

It won't last! It won't last!!

jdrny said...

Even more insane if it stays like this until June

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Yes KD, the negative juju seems to be working, though I didn't just write that,,,, it won't last, it won't last, it won't last!