Thursday, April 23, 2015

In Honor of Shakespeare's Birthday.....

Dust off your Norton Anthologies, kids, and enjoy a sonnet for Reds manager Bryan Price:

Well, Shucks
by RJ Lesch

Here’s Bryan Price, his Reds down on their luck.
With injuries his players have been hit.
As manager, he sure would like to duck
His duties as a spokesman, and to sit

upon the news of who could play, and tuck
away the players who could not. But it
is not an option nowadays. No truck
is had with silence on such things. To wit,

reporters and their readers want to pluck
from every minute's stream the latest bit
of news. And if it hurts the team? Tough. Suck
it up. And Reds' opponents benefit.

I guess he thinks he'd had enough with schmucks.
And so Price vents, and Rosecrans "tsks" and clucks.


Mustang said...

That put a tear in my eye.

el duque said...

And not one rhyme with his favorite word.

John M said...

Didn't Christopher Marlowe actually write this?

John M said...
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KD said...

does it rhyme with "duck"?

Alibi Ike said...

This guy Lesch was apparently some hanger on in the court of Queen Elizabeth. Best known for a condition that became known as "reverse Tourette's Syndrome"