Monday, April 13, 2015

The Scranton Effect

There is a sad song that tells the story of what happens to eager young Yankees who are sent to Scranton.

This is the story of two.

Rob Refsnyder - who hit .426 in spring training for the Yankees.

Slade Heathcott - who hit over .300 and was awarded the Yankee's " rookie of the year " award for spring training.

Slade is an outfielder who can play any position.  But he is blocked by Carlos Beltran, whom the Yankees pay $15 million a year to hit.100 ( he is 2 for 20 ).

Refsnyder is a former outfielder the Yankees are converting to second base.  Clearly, he needs work at the position, but Drew last night ( whom the Yankees pay $5 million, and who will never be an offensive threat  ) threw away the easy double play ball that extended Tanaka to 38 pitches during the inning that got the Red Socks back within striking distance.

But both of these eager prospects were given a hand shake and a bus ticket back to anthracite country, while a bunch of old guys and no names came north to the stadium.  In Scranton,  the team travels by bus, eats cole slaw and shiny, deli sandwiches from Patrone's, and generally remains demoralized.

So far, these two young stars have adjusted accordingly;

1.  Refsnyder is hitting .250.
2.  Heathcott is hitting .214

I know.  It is early yet.


John M said...

As has been noted, the organization is extremely good at mishandling promising young players, which includes dispiriting them via Scranton until they are middling lugnut trade bait.

This is how all the farm system execs have kept their jobs during the current calamities. It's like the thin blue line. If one suddenly does something competent, the rest look bad. That can't be allowed. And so Ref and Slade take the bus.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Isn't this the same blog that repeats that Slade is "certifiably insane"?

Dump on Drew more and he'll dump on the O's some mo. Keep on him, you've been productive tonight.

Also I think tonight Tex message was "I'm back!"