Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oh, those delightful, madcap, laugh-a-minute Met fans

The old hidden boat trick. (Via Reddit:)


Anonymous said...

What a fucking putz.

Leinstery said...

The thing that bugs me about Mets fans is they are so obsessed with Yankee fans and beating the Yankees. They're so quick to gloat when the Mets win, but when the Yankees beat them they all say "no big deal, they should try beating the teams in their division".

That being said, I shouldn't be annoyed since at the end of the day they still root for the Mets. Also Anonymous nailed it.

KD said...

last Friday Mets fans took over an entire section of the left field upper deck and each was wearing a bright orange shirt with "BRONX INVASION" printed on the front. They were raucous at first but settled way down by the middle innings.

sometimes, I think there really is a God and He, like all righteous people everywhere, is a Yankees fan.