Saturday, April 11, 2015

"I think A-Rod hates me." Jimmy Fallon recounts his beer-chugging experience at Yankee Stadium

Of course, considering Fallon's involvement in the anti-Yankee movie "Fever Pitch," this is like General Sherman returning to Atlanta.

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A. Grumpus said...

I must say that I'd finally root for A-Rod in this specific instance. O just think how the throaty eminence would call the moon shot of Fallon's weaselly melon flying over the CF wall. 'Twould be a glorious, glorious moment, calloo callay. "It's an A-bomb . . ." The small mind boggles at the possibilities. The large mind knows the magnitude of this wish and merely and nods dignified assent.

Fallon, my lordy, why and how the hell?? The Rich Little of Generation Why. May his unaccountable streak of luck finally end and soon. A Yankee fan by convenience, like Jay-Z, he should be barred at the gates of the the House that Ruthless Built and sent packing back to Barclay Heights. Grrr . . .