Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A-Rod's next HR may cost Hal twice the $6 million milestone bonus

Yep. It might be $12 million. That's because A-Rod's bonus will be added to the team's payroll count, which means Hal faces luxury tax - a double whammy.

I wish MLB owners liked paying U.S. taxes as much as they enjoy taxing big market teams.

If the U.S. Supreme Court says that no caps should be placed on the right of billionaires' to make political contributions - affecting the basis of our democracy - shouldn't something as unimportant as spending on a baseball team also go unlimited?

Last time I looked, people didn't die because the wrong team won the World Series.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

Last time I looked, people didn't die because the wrong team won the World Series.

Wow, I can't believe your words caused me to flash on this and I can't believe I'm writing a response.

Precisely what you wrote happened in 2004: The friggin' Yankees squandered a 3-0 lead in the ALCS and Boston went on to win the Series. The wrong team won.

90 minutes after their ALCS victory and during the ensuing public celebration by drunken, lowly, and uncouth Bostonians, a female college student was shot and killed by police who fired pepper bullets to disperse the crowd.

I'm not arguing for luxury taxes, but in the 2004 case, someone did die because the wrong team won the World series. Had the Yankees won in 2004, their responsible, refined, civic-minded, and restrained fans would not have behaved in a way that caused the police to open fire.

Baseball blog hyperbole aside, that fucking loss ripped a massive, jagged hole in the space-time continuum and we're all still paying.

el duque said...

LBJ, I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

It's 50%, not 100%. Did you even read the original article or just the shitty business insider blog spam?

"For Rodriguez, the matter is worth $6 million. For the Yankees, it is actually $9 million, according to multiple baseball officials. The reason is that the team would be taxed 50 percent on any added payment to Rodriguez because the Yankees are over the luxury-tax threshold and the figure would be added to the team’s payroll for 2015."

Scratch said...

You should see what I have planned for the Cubs World Series win!

KD said...

Scratch, fortunately for humanity, that day will never come.