Friday, April 17, 2015

Robbie Cano, didn't ya know?

Cheer up, Yankiverse. Sure, our 2015 season is already circling the drain, but we can still stop to sniff the roses along the base paths. We can still cherish the delightful vagaries of life: Watching Redsock injuries mount like cord wood, and cheering when money-hungry ex-Yanks crap their beds.

Case in point: On Wednesday, Robbie Cano mistakenly thought the bases were loaded - there were only runners on second and third - when his Seattle teammate drew a walk. Robbie casually trotted in from third base and was tagged out, effectively killing a rally in the Mariners' 5-2 loss to the Dodgers.

Mm-mm. Delicious. Calgon Beauty Bath Beads... TAKE ME AWAYYYYYY!

Once upon a time, Cano was going to be a great Yankee. His uniform was destined to be retired. But money called. I don't blame Robbie for wheedling all the thin dimes he can squeeze from the MLB tower of billionaires. But I'll lie in my grave still believing he blew it by running to Seattle. He'd have made more by staying a Yankee for life. It saddens me that neither he - nor his financial guru, Jay-Z - understood this. Oh well, what's done is done...

But Cano's Yankee presence was never anything like Derek Jeter's. It was hard to imagine Robbie as captain, or even the leader of the Yankees. Last year, soon after he fled the crumbling Yankee pyramid scheme, the Gammonites started blathering about his grand clubhouse presence and leadership, piling up the crapola on how Robbie would bring his Yankee winning ways to Seattle. It's an old and tried narrative, and it's a double-bank shot, because they could take a back-handed slap at the Yankees... who did the right thing by letting him go.

The fact is, in Cano's last post-season, 2012, against the Tigers, he went 1 for 18 (.056) and they were crucial at-bats. He out-choked A-Rod, who was roundly condemned. (Also, a week earlier against Baltimore in the 2012 ALDS, Robbie went 2-for-23. Yes, he took off the entire month of October.)

So this week, Robbie embarrasses himself with the kind of bonehead play that would have gotten Didi Gregorious kicked out of NY. If it happened here, the locals would be screaming.

Robbie will make $24 million per year through 2023. Nine more seasons. Good luck with that, Seattle.


KD said...

The Yanks did not lose last night and now this sweet little story? Wow! Happy Friday, everyone!

Alphonso said...

He is running the bases like Didi Gregorius!

But let's be fair to Robbie; can you imagine the ignominy of playing on this Yankee notwithstanding?

And the Yankees keep dumping " real" Yankees anyway. See Shawn Green ( or Shane ). Only Gardy remains.

Hermodorus said...

It is an honor to hear Vin Scully call any game, much less this game that fell on Jackie Robinson day.

He surprisingly shouted out Robbie a number of times after the botched play, at one point bringing up his obscene contract and the perception that RObbie is sitting back "getting paid."

Other gems from that game:

"I'm just thinking about Robinson Cano. I don't really think I've ever seen that happen."

...then later..

"Jackie stole home and Robinson Cano tried to walk home."

Bad omen for Robbie on #42 day...

Buhner's Ghost said...

The Yankeeverse is reduced to celebrating off days and mocking the innocent mistakes of fallen heroes. Pathetic.

KD said...

Robbie was jogging home at same rate of speed he uses running out grounders.

el duque said...

Line of the day, KD. Line of the day.

ceeja said...

In the last 8 seasons Cano has played at least 157 games each season. Don't think it's fair to dump on him for mailing it in.