Saturday, December 23, 2017

It could have happened to anyone, but it happened to Curt Schilling

An update on the heart-wrenching tale of "Operation Bullpen."

Schilling took responsibility for the mishap, which involved a truck full of non-perishable pet supplies that broke down in Tennessee as part of Operation Bullpen, Schilling's effort to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey in September.
He organized an 11-truck convoy to Texas, but two trucks broke down en route, including one driven by Schilling. The confusion arose, he said, over efforts to move the supplies from his trailer to another. He says he didn't properly communicate similar instructions to the second truck, and then when Hurricane Irma struck Florida, Schilling struck out immediately for the Sunshine State without ensuring the truck with pet supplies had been taken care of.

"The problem was on my end," Schilling said. "I thought I was talking to one group about a trailer, but I was talking to two groups about two separate trailers. A lot of miscommunications."

Does anybody ever ponder why these things continually happen to Schilling? There was his video-game company fiasco, which soaked Rhode Island taxpayers. There were his offensive tweets, which - after several warnings and second-chances - got him kicked off ESPN. Now this fiasco.

Listen: I don't think Schilling is an evil, conniving person. I actually used to enjoy his color commentary on ESPN - (more interesting than Aaron Boone.) I think the guy means well. Sure, his politics differ from mine, but that's okay. I have a lot of friends who flat-out disagree with me. (Folks, life is too short...) My quarrel with Schilling stems from his constant, righteous Redsock pandering - he's the classic ex-jock, still reliving what he once was. He's always mounting some new crusade - for governor, senator, whatever. And somehow - in increasingly creative ways - he always shoots himself in the foot. He has become the male equivalent of Sarah Palin.


Leinstery said...

It's like he sold his soul to the Devil to win in 2004, been nothing but downhill for him since.

Steve Miller said...

Ketchup Boy can suck an egg.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Kurt Schilling is an arrogant,ignorant,know-nothing Teabagger. I don't feel sorry for him in the slightest. There are questions as to whether he intentionally misled RI by not telling them he needed considerably more than $ 75 million in start-up funds. Schilling completely and foolishly mismanaged the company into demise. And he wants to be Governor or Senator of MA??

Read below:

Anonymous said...


Parson Tom said...

I agree with all these comments, but must also acknowledge the wisdom of the statement that "Life is too short."

Holy Jesus, I've got to do a better job of not getting pissed off with all the assholes I disagree with. Tomorrow.

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