Saturday, December 2, 2017

Time To Focus

We now have our manager.

We have all said our piece.  Whatever happens, " riverboat gambler " Brian Casahman will get all the credit or all the bile.

Now we have to build the team and move forward.  Which brings me to a question that many of you have asked.  What is Gentleman Jack?  Answer:  A smooth new whiskey from Jack Daniels.  It may not yet be in 100% distribution.

I happen to prefer whiskey to bourbon.  This is my new friend:

And this amigo is what brings me insight on these slow, off-season days.

I like Aaron Boone better now that I know he took the ice dunk challenge up in Boston.  He is hated up there ( we all know why ), and they were happy to accommodate him.  It will be " of value," whenever we play Boston, just to know that Aaron Boone's presence is enough to drive fans crazy.  Whether he makes good decisions or not is secondary.  But he needs to be seen a lot.

So on to, " Off-Season Focus idea number 1 : Do we really want Shohei Ohtani and what will it take to get him?

To me, signing him all depends upon his teeth.  Remember Kei Igawa?  He was in need of major dental work, never got it, and couldn't pitch a lick in America.  And Irabu had a problem with two bi-cuspids and had a noticeable overbite.  We all know how he did.  Due to his dental/pitching ailments, George labeled him " that fat pussy toad."

Matsui had ( has ) great teeth.  He is a likely hall of fame guy.  Didn't play long enough as a Yankee, but once we looked him in his mouth, we signed him.  And are happy we did so.

So let's see the smile on Ohatani before we sign him.

What it will take to get him is a huge contract, and a shot at the recently open spot on the NBC today show, for his retirement years.

I need a drink.

 Tomorrow, or some day, I will take up " Off Season idea number 2.  Unless someone wishes to beat me to the punch.  I have no pride of authorship.

 Merry Xmas in 23 days or so.


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Masked Editor said...

apparently according to the Gammonites, Aaron Boone impressed Cashman by saying he used his time at ESPN as a "PhD" program in gathering info on other teams and managers. so he went in there and said "hey, i know everyone's trade secrets!"

Who needs an apple watch when you have Boone and his notes from ESPN?

Parson Tom said...

OK, sure, Aaron. I'll drink to that.

Alphonso said...

Smooth as silk, ALL CAPS.

You can drink it to quench thirst. Or for other reasons.

Yankee aspirin.

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ranger_lp said...

Ohtani not going to be a Yankee...we flunked the written exam I guess.

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