Friday, December 22, 2017

Trying To Make Up For Prior Stupidity

The fact that Cashman is speaking, still, with Pittsburgh about the supposed pitcher,  Coal,
is an attempt to recover from the day Brian got caught cheating on his math exam in 4th grade.

The Yankees, under Brian's leadership and arrogance, assumed that no one would turn down a chance to be in the Yankee's organization.  Even though Cole and his family had sent written instructions that their boy was going to UCLA first.

So, Cashman pissed away the truth and selected Cole anyway.  He went to UCLA and we lost our first round pick, relegating us yet again to 4 more years of mediocrity, and an empty farm system.

Only through blind luck, a perfect storm of baseball needs, did the Cubs and Cleveland give up their futures for some Yankee players.  And our farm system became respectable.

Now, Brian wants to give that away, in order to get that rebellious snot nosed kid back into the fold.

Brian will show the world;  you don't diss the Yankees, even when you do it with honesty, sincerity, intelligence and grace.

That teacher who embarrassed the numbers challenged Cashman kid will pay.

He'll get that test back, mark it with an "A", take a picture of it and then burn it.


Anonymous said...

The One That Got Away (with apologies to Tom Waits and Alphonso)

Well, this gigolo is jumpin' salty, ain't no trade out on the streets
No one will take Ellsbury, cause the Giants got cold feet.
But he’s got a bunch of prospects and there will be hell to pay
He’s got a goal. His name is Cole he’s the one that got away.

Could have rested on his laurels. Could have been a wheel
been happy with Giancarlo cause you know that was a steal.
A quick resign of CC, even that one seemed OK.
He’s got the knack he want’s to crack the one that got away'

He drafted Cole at number one. When the Yankees didn’t work.
Because we needed pitching and the fans were goin’ berserk.
Even though the guy said he off to UCLA.
Cashman pissed away the truth and drafted Gerrit anyway. (Thanks Alphonso)

Now Gerrit Cole is older and his fastball’s lost it’s snap. He gives up homers like Phil Hughes and his change up’s turned to crap.
But we’ll give away Red Thunder before he’s had a chance to play.
Cashman’s been scorned. You’ve been forewarned. Cole’s the one that got away.

His trigger finger’s itchy and Cole’s entering his prime.
And he’s cost controlled for two years and Hal loves to save a dime.
Soon the cabinet will be empty ‘till there’s no one left to play.
He’s heard the call he’ll trade them all for the one that got away.

Well, he’s lost his equilibrium, and we’d finally turned the tide.
The Baby Bombers looking good and restoring Yankee Pride.
If he makes these trades it’s only time till the place feels just like Shea.
Just play the rooks. Don’t make us schnooks cause there’s one that got away'.

Doug K.

ranger_lp said...

I hope that is clean coal that we're trying to trade for...

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