Monday, December 11, 2017

Redsock Nation's reaction to Yanks getting Stanton


Leinstery said...

We need the Mets and their fans reaction. They can't understand why he didn't even have them on his list. I mean they are in the largest market AND even made the World Series a couple of years ago. Never mind the rampant injuries, 8 thousand holes, and general history of organizational dumpster fire (which is why he sought to escape Maimi), the pieces were there. Now they're shocked that no team is interested in Harvey. The notion they would get anything of value for him is laughable enough, but nobody wants him at all and they had no idea.

Ahh, never change Mets.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I know! And it's even sadder than you think.

During the whole, thrilling, Stanton rush-to-signing on Friday night, I went over to the estimable Mets site, Amazinavenue a couple times, just to distract myself. It was unbelievable.

Here were some of their "news" headlines for Dec. 8 (I swear, I'm not making this up):

"Brandon Nimmo and Travis d'Arnaud unexpectedly run into each other this offseason—on their respective Hawaiian honeymoons."

"MetsBlog made a case for the team's trading for Rays third baseman Evan Longoria."

"The Phillies got a call from the Mets about second baseman Cesar Hernandez—though the Amazins have contacted every team whose 2B seems to be available."

"Please, no: The Nationals are reportedly considering a push to add Jake Arrieta."

Really! It goes on and on like this. Two years ago, this team was in the World Series. Now their fans are like whipped dogs, already whimpering in anticipation of the next beating.

Wait, it gets better. Here is their "This Date in Mets History" entry:

"The Mets traded prize lefties Jon Matlack and Jerry Koosman on this date in 1977 and 1978, respectively."

It's true! They look back on celebrated disasters! Their entry for Dec. 9 was Mike Hampton deciding to leave the team and sign with Colorado. For Dec. 10, it included trading Nolan Ryan. Today, it was the arrest of Bernie Madoff.

I mean, who wants to remember this stuff??? I'm tellin' ya, it's pathological!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Meanwhile, I was thinking about all the thrills the Yankees have given us in the holiday season.

Catfish Hunter, signed on New Year's Eve Day, 1974.

Reggie, inked just after Thanksgiving, 1976, Tommy John AND Luis Tiant even BEFORE the Macy's Parade in 1978. Dave Winfield inked on Dec. 15.

Yes, it's a special time of year...if you're a Yankees fan.

Every year, it seemed, another star hung on the tree, just before the new year. And if sometimes that star turned into dwarf star, or even a worlds-destroying black hole, well, at least it was still something to talk about and anticipate. Unlike, say, Brandon Nimmo and Travis d'Arnaud running into each other on their respective honeymoons.

We'll always have those magical holidays here in Yankeeland. We didn't for awhile, we lost them in the years of Pronk, and Overbay, and Vernon Wells. But now, well, I think a certain singing duo who became America's sweethearts in the 1970s, said it best:

"Those were such happy times and not so long ago
How I wondered where they'd gone
But now they're back again
Just like a long-lost friend...
It's yesterday once more."

ranger_lp said...

Can't wait for the Rafael Palmeiro presser when he's signed...LOL

13bit said...

We still need pitching. We can't afford good pitching now. At the same time, I'd LOVE to see some of our young guys come up and have a chance. They can redeem the "youth movement" crapola if they bring up our own guys and don't bring in some washed out rental.

KD said...

Big Mets fan in my office said that he was almost starting to like the Yankees as they were acting like a normal team and developing their own talent. Now, however, all that is over. The Yankees are acting like Yankees once again. EVIL!!


KD said...

BTW, duque. That picture is priceless and absolutely perfect. You have not lost your touch!

Leinstery said...

Horace take a look at this.

"Maybe Derek Jeter never would have dealt Stanton inside the division. Maybe the Marlins have no interest in anyone in the Mets’ system. But it feels like a team in the same market who also has some nice young pieces, and has been to a World Series more recently than the Yankees should have at least been in the mix."

Yes they've technically made the Wrold Series more recently, but they totally flopped in it and have been on a decline since they failed to resign Murphy. They were abysmal last year and look to stay abysmal. The Yankees haven't been to the World series since 2009 and yet look primed to dominate the league. That right there is the core of their suffering. They are so deluded by little victories that they can't see the flaws. It's like when Jets fans (many of whom are Mets fans) like to talk about being the AFC Championship two years in a row way back when as an excuse for why they aren't a garbage franchise.

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