Monday, December 4, 2017

Just so it's said: The New York Giants are a disgrace to humanity

Okay, it's off-topic, Yankeewise, but I gotta get this outa my belly:

Today, the New Jersey Football Gints fired their coach and GM, prompting their owner, John Mara - uncle to Kate and Rooney, and a man who has never had to work a job in his white bread, country club, liver pate, billionaire existence - called a news conference to lament just how tough, how dreadfully unpleasant, this whole "firing" thing has been. Somehow, Mara achieved the impossible: He made me feel sorry for Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, the guys he shit-canned while on his gin-sodden golf cart-ride to the 19th hole.

This means Mara's wished-for son, Eli Manning, is re-installed as Giants QB, for now and probably next year... which will be even worse than this. Manning might be a winning QB on a great team with a running game and top defense. On the woeful Giants, he's a slow-moving, fumble-and-interception machine. It's not his fault; he's old. Apparently, Mara couldn't hack that his favorite boy was dishonored, so he fired everybody, elevated their assistants, and if you have any hope whatsoever for the Giants, root for a 2-14 year and maybe a surgical Ebola epidemic, whatever might prompt the NFL to award a sympathy draft pick. It's that bad. It's Knicks-level wretchedness.

I guess I'm just a bit peeved. But I've spent the last five weeks rooting against a team I've supported for 55 years. I've watched an avalanche of criticism bury McAdoo and Reese, but it blows my mind that the owner somehow never carries the stench of this putrid organization. The fish rots from the head down. And the Giants' rot begins at the top.


JJ in MA said...

Meanwhile, and on Yankee topic, hiring Aaron Boone as manager already cost the team Rob Thompson and now Al Pedrique too.

Anonymous said...

The Giants will lose the rest of the way for the reasons you mentioned. I only hope Eli will avoid getting hurt. He's gone after the year is over.

It would have been nice to see kid play because maybe we wont have to spend the #2 pick in the draft on a QB and still be stuck with our current issues.

Also when QB's are taken one and two the 2nd one chosen doesn't work out all that much. Second pick QB's include: Robert Griffin, Ryan Leaf, and Rick Mirer, It's kind of a crap shoot.

Perhaps the next GM can be creative and trade down to some team desperate for "one of the top 2 QB's in the draft."

Personally I would trade down for a later #1 (offensive lineman), plus a round 2-3 pick and a next year's number one. (Because whoever makes that trade is going to suck next year no matter what making it a high draft pick)

We are also sitting number 2 in every other round. A good GM can get a lot done.

Let Davis Webb be the QB next year regardless. If they are still bad there will be other flavor of the month QB's next year to draft. There always are.

As to Mara... to Mara, to Mara, I love you to Mara. You're always a day away.

Doug K.

JM said...

The Boone signing takes front office stupid to a new level, JJ.

But, like the hapless Giants, it reminds me of a line from a great movie.

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

KD said...

I hear Johnny Football is looking for a gig. Gints can lose bigly (as should be the goal) and increase ratings while sparing Eli future brain damage. I say give the brain trauma to a dude already afflicted. Bonus!

Anonymous said...


I like that!

Doug K.

Alphonso said...

The Giants should, however, take Eli out when the game is in the bag for the opponent. Personally, I think Eli will get hurt. Geno escaped a lot of severe punishment with his legs last week, an option Eli does not have.

And they need Davis to get reps during the week if he is ever going to appear. Running the scout team gives him command of no plays at all. But will the new " coach " show some insight here, or just mirror the same stupidity of McAdoo?

The Giants must hire a GM and coach who believe the following;

1. An offensive line is where everything starts.
2. A top defense is mandatory - for field position, for ball possessions, for scores. This includes top linebacker talent.
3. The QB just needs to be smart and not put the ball at risk...we do not need, " Mr. Glitz and Fame," at that position.
4. We need a powerful running back with good hands.
5. We need a tight end like Jason Witten. Can and will block and catch.
6. Wide receivers just need to be smart, run good routes, block and have good hands. We don't need world class " glitz " here, either. We need team guys, not prima-donnas who go on SNL in bangles.
7. We need a reliable punter and field goal team.
8. Special teams need to be at least average, rather than the useless garbage we have had for a decade.

If we get a GM and coach who will say this publicly, and who will do everything consistent with it, we can win again.

Alphonso said...

Last comment; the Giants need a GM and coach who will not waste top draft picks trying to get a shot at their QB candidate of choice. The " giveaway" to get Eli Manning wasted the team for a decade. We lost draft picks that could have been great O-Linemen and great defensive players.

Instead, we got the third best QB in the draft, and could have had Big Ben or Philip Rivers in our normal draft slot. Either of those guys would have done as well as Eli, surrounded by the talent we might have acquired.

This is critical.. focus on the QB position in the next draft should get our new GM fired. Let Eli continue to " game manage" with a better team around him, while Davis shows what he has. Worry about a new QB when the O-Line is among the best in the NFL, and the defensive is dominant.

Carl J. Weitz said...

True, Alphonso, but those draft picks were about 13 years ago and in today's NFL lifespan would be long gone. The real reason we suck is that we don't have much depth and most of Reese's 3-6 round picks were busts (as well as first and second rounds). You build your team in the middle rounds. He inherited 2 Superbowl teams. Yes, he did draft a few good players like Beckham, Shepard and Engram but not much more.

I'm so glad that McAdoo and Reese are gone. The first is an arrogant prick and the latter, incompetent. I guess a great O-Line and Aaron Rodgers can make anyone an offensive guru much the way the Core Four made Joe Torre a HOF-caliber manager after all those years of being "Clueless Joe".

But what galls me most is that Mara is a hypocrite and a wimp. The reason McAdoo started Geno was because the owner told them to see what the other QBs had. Mara didn't foresee the fans going nuts, NFL players mocking ownership or even a large group of former Giants scheduling a protest. When the shit hit the fan, Mara scapegoated the coach and GM. Screw him.....sideways!

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