Sunday, December 10, 2017

NY Times Guy Is wrong On One major he must be a NYY toady

For those of you who do not venture into the woods, the above creature is a toad.  Kiss him and he remains a toad.

Here is what he said in today's NYT sports section:

1. " In taking Stanton, the Yankees are who we thought they were."  Yup.

2.  The Yankees have, " a persistent habit of buying the shiniest toy in the whole store." Yup.

3. The Yankees never go too long without asking their fans something like this,

 " What do you want?  You want the moon  Just say the word, and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down."  Nope.

The Yankees never give any consideration to what the fans want.  This NYT observation as to the underlying motivation of Yankee fans, sounds like a plant from Cashman.  It is wrong and so the author must be a Yankee toad.

 No fan would say this.

I believe the fans loved the re-building from within our own farm system movement.  It energized the team. It energized the fan base.  It placed the team in the underdog position, and it was satisfying to see success emerge.  We barely missed getting into the WS.  Barely.

The idea of fans insisting upon acquiring the biggest and best, most expensive marquee player available through trade or free agency is anathema to me. That approach represents decades of old, usually failed, strategy.  Remember Jay Buhner.  Remember Kevin Brown?

In 2017, we developed our own star and his name is Sanchez, Judge, Bird and Severino.  Maybe Anjuhar, Torres, Frazier, and Wade. Maybe Chance Adams and Jake Cave.

Fans would prefer to keep it this way.

We never ask for the Yankees to muddle up the works, and do something stupid.
Which, in my toady view, is exactly what they just did.

It was like they could not resist.  Like this is a heroin fix.  "The one time home run champion is available for just over a quarter of a billion dollars, so let's go get him."  No matter what price we pay.
Think of the seats this guy will fill in the Goldman Sachs section!

We shall rue this day.  Ribbit.


13bit said...

Yeah, well, I'm not going to give my opinion of this trade anymore after getting skewered here. I respect everybody's opinion. I'm just not convinced this was a good move.

We have no money now for certain necessities after spending the moon on this guy. Reminds me of....ah, to hell with it.

Let's talk about it in another few years.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I respect everybody's opinion here, too. (Well, except maybe Bitter Anonymous Buck's ...) And especially those of our gracious and amazingly patient hosts.

And if this were like all the miserable deals of the past, trading terrific young major-leaguers or can't-miss prospects for some fading slugger, I'd condemn it, too.

But it's not.

Did we really want Jeter to turn next to the Astros? Did we want Stanton added to that scary Houston club?

We talk of missing out on pitchers. Really? Who? Alex Cobb? Jake Arrieta? Even lesser and older arms who may or may not stay healthy long enough to be effective 3 or 4 starters?

Now our young pitchers are more likely to get a shot. Is that bad?

What are we saving this money for? Manny Machado? Bryce Harper? We know they will be available, and still be good by the time we have a chance to sign them?

Let's face it: this is low risk.

It's trading Matt Holliday for Giancarlo Stanton, with a couple of marginal prospects thrown in, and money that will mean, sometime in the 25th century, a Steinbrenner heir may have to contemplate taking her upstairs maid-bot offline.

And hey: we didn't give up the house for Kyle Schwarber.

ranger_lp said...

Not going to matter who we pitch if we win every game 8-7.

Anonymous said...

Right.... I know one guy who's happy SONNY GRAY with Stanton now added he might actually get more than 1 run of support and win 20..... And all this talk about strikeouts...last I checked um Castro k rate was suspect too evidence by his OBP that was the same as his AVG

13bit said...

Let me complain, damnit!!!

I love you all.

HoraceClarke66 said...


It's like I say when my wife says she can't complain: "You can always complain! You're a New Yorker!"

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