Sunday, December 10, 2017

My views

In the spirit of Xmas, I say this about the Giancarlo trade:  " Bah.  Humbug."

I think those of you praising this deal are all nuts.

Here are some of my weakest reasons:

1.  This contract is like re-signing A-Rod and then making a deal with the Red Sox for an aging-out Jacoby, because the Sox beat us to Moncado.  It spells the end of any thinking that the Yankees were going to "go young" and build from within.

2.  It confirms the end of Clint Frazier as a Yankee.  And mark my words, he will be the next Jay Buhner.  We will trade him for some skank, veteran pitcher and then Clint will eat us alive for 10 years.  Clint will hurt us far more than Giancarlo ever helps us, just as Jay Buhner did.

3.  The outfield is now a mess.  Two guys 6'6" and 6'7" won't work.  Aaron Judge is a spectacular athlete who can patrol right field, as long as we have a great defensive centerfielder with speed to cover the gaps, and a speedy left fielder to cover the rest.

4.  We can't have another guy like that in left field at the same time.   Left field is too vast at the stadium, and requires great speed and athleticism. There is no centerfielder on the Yankees who can cover the expanded liability of the left and right field empty spaces at the same time.

5.  The strikeout totals will make the team unbearable to watch.  And strikeouts kill everything.  Only occasionally, are they better than double plays.

6.  We all know...we all offense built on solo homers is worthless.  And does not create winning baseball.  Even three consecutive home runs can seem lame, next to a true, three run rally.

7.  What we needed to do was stay with the damn plan.  We had a great, young, exciting team without this guy.  All we needed was some pitching depth.  Now, we cannot afford that.  We must put together
a " patchwork " pitching staff, and that will hurt us when it matters most.

 There is already talk of letting Chad Green become a starter again.  "Remember the Alamo and remember Joba," say I.  This is a bad idea, necessitated, because we don't have the money to compete for pitching.

8.  Yes, the Yankees will increase their gate appeal and more fans will come to watch us lose in other ball parks.  Money, money, money for Hal.

But money is not the same as winning.  Trading for Giancarlo is like throwing a hammer into a well functioning machine.   Now we will patch holes with big name veterans, again.  I can feel it coming.

We can only hope this guy is injured all the time, per his history.  That gives some chance to re-introduce the youth movement ( out of necessity, rather than intention ) we just pissed upon.

  I believe this trade has hurt us deeply, and not helped a whit.  Our outfield defense is weakened; our offense is weakened ( home runs or nothing ), second base will become the new first base " black hole," we have a pitching staff with gaping holes, and Cashman will skate.

We just made a deal we didn't need to make.  A deal that will sting for a decade.

Merry Xmas.


13bit said...

Amen, Alphonso. I, for one, am sick of the taste of Kool Aid.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hmm, how exactly is opening up a position for our highest rated prospect abandoning the youth movement?

How is creating a chance for our promising young pitchers, such as Chance Adams and Sheffield, abandoning the plan?

Would we really prefer to see us blow $100 million or so on Alex Cobb, a guy who seems to get hurt at least as much as Stanton?

Look, I agree, all kinds of things can go wrong, and they may well. But as I thought I proved earlier with my endless and annoying stats about the A-Rod years, that—as Yogi might have said—the problem with A-Rod wasn't A-Rod.

All right, so everyone fell asleep or clicked onto Amazinavenue instead when I started hauling out our league rankings in runs scored and allowed, and our playoff ERAs. Fine! Be that way!

But in a nutshell, the problem I had from 2004-2012 was NOT watching Alex Rodriguez crush home runs and play a terrific third base. It was watching us pay a fortune to bring in one, highly overrated "veteran" pitcher after another to get hurt and/or suck royally.

Our challenge now is to find a way to keep Clint Frazier, all right, and to get rid of the Jacobin and, sadly, Gardner.

And yes, minor-league depth is important. Coops ought to hop to it and start spreading that IFA cash around to all those orphaned Braves, or whoever.

But replacing Matt Holliday with Giancarlo Stanton is not a downgrade.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And by the way, sportswriters have been writing since at least the 1870s about how gauche and puerile home runs are.

A "true" three-run rally? There ain't no true way to score runs. There's just runs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I like the deal. And o agree the problem with Arod was not arod. The problems were RANDY JOHNSON, JAVUER VASQUEZ X2 JEFF WEAVER, Kevin freaking Brown, Jaret Wright, Esteban Loaiza, Jose Contreras...get it? For what they were paid they gave us NOTHING Arod Tex were only bad deals the last two years I don't think Stanton will be with us the last 2yrs. Besides after watching Frazier he still needs some work and I don't think he's going anywhere Andujar is still here Torres is gonna play that's a Castro upgrade. What's not to like. Pressing is in better shape than it was at this time last year.

Anonymous said...


ranger_lp said...

I don't think they will both be in the OF at the same time. One will DH and one will play RF. Problem solved. So Clint is saved.

Brett is on his last contract year. We will not resign him. If Brett play badly we move him at the trade deadline. If he plays well, we move him at the trade deadline for someone good. Clint should be ready by then. Problem solved. Clint is saved and plays.

Don't know about Ellsbury and Hicks. Hicks is cheap. Played well last year. If Hicks plays badly, he gets moved at the trade deadline. Clint could play CF. Clint is saved.
Ellsbury, on the other hand, is more difficult to move. I don't see how that happens.

JM said...

Gardy is a lifelong Yankee. He is the heart and guts of this team. Moving him would be even worse karma than we have by signing a big home run hitter instead of a second Cy Young candidate to go with Sevvy. But I get the financial allure of the Stanton deal. I just agree with Alphonso, something I do the vast majority of the time. Perhaps that has to do with the high alcohol content we both maintain, or the fact that we understand you should always look a gift horse in the mouth. (Stanton's teeth, supposedly, are in find shape, btw.)

Hicks is the perennial Mr. Potential. That flurry he posted this past season died with his time on the injured list. When he came back, he was Mr. Potential again, not the guy who had finally blossomed. In fact, his aversion to blossoming qualifies him for a new nickname. Bud. Bud Hicks, the flower that never blossoms. Gets rid of the too-many-Aarons problem, also.

This deal will cause a bit of a mess and the Gammonites are already saying we had one year of underdog likability and that's it. We're back to being the Evil Empire. Not that we aren't used to that, but there's some truth in that. This organization does not understand how to build an emotional bond between fan and team. It wants the superficial, privileged, entitled, fair weather fans who are looking for a trophy wife. Their target market is Jack Welch. I hate Jack Welch.

Watching the missile launches should be fun this summer. But I still have a bad feeling about all of this. I still would rather have six guys in a row who hit over .300 with one one of them who hits over 30 HR. Maybe that's crazy in this day and age. Maybe I've fallen behind the times. My first Social Security check is coming this month. Maybe it's a sign.

Alphonso said...

I'm with you John M.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I hear ya.

But isn't our Ur, foundation story acquiring the greatest player in the history of the game—and a bunch of other talented pitchers, infielders, and outfielders—from a proud, Series-winning championship that was owned by a shady Broadway theatre impresario?

Getting Stanton from a team that desperately wants to move him is more unlikable than getting Babe Ruth from Harry Frazee while gutting the Red Sox? Back in 1920, did Yankees fans express their disgust that this meant the end of the Ping Bodie years?

I'm thinking, no.

"Man is conceived in sin, and born in corruption..."
—Robert Penn Warren

ranger_lp said...

This guy on YouTube has been calling these trades at least 12 hours before they happened

He's saying Gerrit Cole is next...

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