Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Two Jolly Old St. Nicks... from The Master!


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

I am Dutch - I know nothing.

I said it before on several occasions and I literally mean it. When it has to do with baseball in general and the Yankees in particular that is. Everytime I read El Duque’s and Alphonso’s editorials and all the op-eds by other contributors (naming all of them would make for a boring sentence) I am struck by the deep understanding of the game and the depth of the knowledge of “our” team. The commentaries often reach comparable levels.
Then there is the style and wit that is inspiring and helps me to get a better understanding of the language. Everyday I am looking up words, searching Who’s Who registries and finding links to all kind of stuff American that I have not heard of before.

I had the very distinct pleasure to meet Alphonso this year in Amsterdam, together with his wife and it was a joy to feel how the blog and its atmosphere were almost tangible when we were enjoying fruit de mer and Sauvignon Blanc; and beer with shots. A wonderful afternoon and evening.

You find yourselves in the midst of many wars.
North Korea. MSM. National parks. Middle class taxes. Middle East. Christmas.
Just to name a few.
It is heartwarming you still have the energy and stamina to make the best blog on baseball. And probably one of the best in terms of literary quality ├╝berhaupt.

May 2018 bring all the success the lineup seems to predict.
May the Master excel again while keeping me company during the European night I spend in the Netherlands - the country the masquerades as Holland, filled with Dutch.
And may nothing but good come to all of you that make this outstanding blog what it is.

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