Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Once again, it's youth that saves the Yankees; will the team learn?

Elbow tightness? Aw, shit. Today, who does not feel a psychic twinge in the cabbage basket, as we ponder the fate of Jordan Montgomery's wing? The elbow is to pitchers as the knee was to Gayle Sayers, as tapes were to Richard Nixon, as the heel was to Achilles. Monty loomed as our Second Coming of Andy, the ascending young lefty with a veteran's savvy, destined to be a rotation fixture. Now... aw, shit. It's pointless to speculate, but in a best-case scenario, he won't need surgery and vanish until 2020. That's what "elbow tightness" can mean. No other phrase more horrifies pitchers. 

Today, the Yankees must - and will, I believe - chalk up last night's dynamic victory up to the elbow of Domingo German, age 24, who was a no-name lug nut in the 2014 deal that sent David Phelps and Martin Prado to Miami, and brought us the tragically fated elbow of Nathan Eovaldi and the nonexistent Garrett Jones. Since arriving last summer, throwing in a handful of mop-ups, German has pitched well, a 3.45 "career ERA," if 12 games constitutes a career. Last season at Scranton, in 109 innings, he compiled an ERA of 2.88. On most teams, he'd have been penciled in as a starter this spring. With the Yankees, he didn't even make the opening day roster.

Let's hope Cashman gives him a full shot at the fifth startership, rather than to run out and locate some Denny Neagle/Jamie Garcia type, the kind who always seem old and spent. And you know what? I actually think Cash will hold the line.

Thus far, the enduring strength of the 2018 Yankees has not been Giancarlo, Sonny Gray, Brandon Drury or Neil Walker - players acquired via the team's pocketbook. In fact, they played like lesser known afterthoughts, such as David Hale and Jace Peterson. It's the kids who have brought spirit and talent, and there is no reason - aside from excessive GM hubris - why the Yankees need to remake this team with veterans. (I say this even after Houston last night stymied us with Jason Verlander, last year's mid-season acquisition. But it's a long year, and I wonder how Verlander - age 35, plus add 10 years for being married to Kate Upton - will hold up in July and August? Remember: When Detroit traded him last summer, his ERA was close to 4, and his career peak was 2011. Last night, unhittable. But as Trump would say, "We'll see.")

Let's assume that waves of injuries are yet to break across the Yankee shoal. Here's our replacement parts:

1B: Tyler Austin, replacing Greg Bird, who can soon replace Tyler Austin. At Scranton, Mike Ford, the man who loves to walk (12 BB, 10th in the IL.)

2B-SS: Tyler Wade, Ronald Torreyes, Thairo Estrada (by August?)

3B: Miguel Andujar, Drury, Torreyes. 

C: Kyle Higashioka, better than he looked last year.

OF: Clint Frazier, Billy McKinney (healing), Jacoby Whatzizname.

SP: German, Luis Cessa, Daniel Camarena (pitched 7 shutout innings last night at Scranton), Justus Sheffield (Trenton) Chance Adams (needs to get shit together), Josh Rogers (throwing well) maybe even Dillon Tate (Trenton).

RP: Cody Carroll (Scranton), the cast of Glee

This July, some nuclear bombs are going to explode on the trade market. One might be named Bumgarner (perhaps the exception to everything said in this post.) But right now, the Yankees can fill every slot from within. Thus far, it's working. Can we keep it going?


John M said...

I remember you saw German pitch in AAA, right? And you called it, said he was going to be really good. He is.

Can we trade Stanton? Couldn't the Dodgers use him? Hell, send him to the Red Sox, where he can strike out four or five times a game for them.

As some people have been saying for a year or two now, Sanchez is probably the best hitter on this team. He's certainly clutch, which is more than you can say for Judge. Which is OK, as long as he can get on base so "pressure hitters" can drive him in, like last night.

Suddenly, our pitching staff looks like the 1970-era Orioles. Was it all just about the weather?

That's the excuse being given for Stanton, by the way. Too cold and wet and miserable in April. Of course, he still sucks in warm weather, but don't say that too loudly.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

The fact that we've been one hit away both losing and winning with the Sros is tremendous considering how the season began. Please please PLEASE keep the kids in the line up, I'm loving this team (whispering under my breath > except for Stanchino)

Urban Farmer formerly Known as Dutchfan said...

Now that we know the Stanchino is our Fredo, who will take him fishing. Please?

KD said...

Bumgarner needs to show me a recovered pinky but the guy is 28 and would come cheap enough that food stamps might bite. IMO, he is the piece we need to go deep in the post season. how confident are we in our current roster that we would deal away potentially important pieces such as Red Thunder? Do we feel confident that Stanton will come around? That Hicks will stay healthy? That Gardner isn't through?

exciting times, my friends.

Time for Coops to earn that nickname with a big pitching score. Make it happen!!!

The only living boy in Wishaw said...

Another great article agree with you 100%

Just thinking though Stanton cant be as bad as he has looked so far can he?

The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

el duque,

As usual another enjoyable article. Two desenting points. Best case with Montgomery , he is back in the rotation come late May early June 2018. Yeah, I know that’s optimistic. Also, I think being married to Kate Upton would make you 10 years younger, not older. I will leave it at that and digress no further. I would hate to impact your PG10 rating.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hmm, good point, Ghost: the ancient, "Do you leave your game in the bedroom" argument?

Casey Stengel used to say that it wasn't the women who cost his players, but the pursuit of women—i.e., ten thousand nights in a barroom. If the lady in question is at home all the time, that would tend to the "taking 10 years off" theory.

Not sure about Bumgarner. Risking hundreds of millions so you can go dirt biking makes me leery about a guy. I'd hate to surrender a Frazier for him. I guess I'd do a Drury.

I say let's give Chance Adams a start, at least. Better than just letting him rot in Dunder Mifflin Land.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And by the way, I was down in Times Square last night and went past the Junior's there, which made me think about a possible reason why our winning streak was not longer:

Cheesecake, for lack of a better word.

Didn't we get an ever increasing number of beautiful ladies with every win in last year's big streak? I seem to recall that, unless it was just another opioid dream.

Dr. Strangelove said...

It would be difficult to deny one's essence to a wife such as Kate Upton. That Mr. Upton continues to excel in any realm conclusively demonstrates that Mrs. Upton is merely his "beard". Not that there's anything wrong with that..

Alphonso said...

HOSS >>>

Not only did we get beautiful ladies but there were Dutch.

I try not to re-use material more than about four times.

When our recent nine game win streak started this year, I didn't want to touch it. Then, it was way deep into the run and I dared not jinx it.

But you are right, we need more beautiful ladies.

I have one in mind for today....