Thursday, May 3, 2018

That was a big Yankee win.


Anonymous said...


Joe F said...

Dear Astros:

Hope you enjoyed defeat

There will be more come October

Ma "Tip Your Cap" Boone

The Sayonara Kid said...

Yes! A big win. I think we owe this series, in part, to the juju wrought by The Deadly Spinners also occupying the central time zone. An excellent performance last night in Nashville!

Tex Message said...

*Every win is a big Yankee win.

el duque said...

Ah, Sayanara! A subject close to my heart. As some of you may not know, my two sons are in a rock'n'roll band called Sheer Mag. They've played Coachella and the Seth Meyers Show. They would be known to you as "The Deadly Spinners."

But here's a more recent video, put together by a fan. It's my fave.