Tuesday, January 19, 2021

5 Pitches to Midnight

Thanks to all who liked the AYG-HAB™. There were some really good other metrics in the comments.  

Senior Duque’s suggestion for a pitching metric got me thinking…

It’s not so much are we glad the guys IN as the need for one that tells us when to take the guy OUT.

Truth is, all pitchers, unless they are pitching a no hitter, must be taken out at some point. Even closers. (Cough, Chapman in any elimination playoff game, cough!)

What we need is a metric that measures the time frame for the implosion. I’m thinking something like a Doomsday Clock. Sort of a 5 Pitches to Midnight type thing.

For example. Tanaka has been mowing them down for three innings. He comes out for the 4th and walks the first guy. START THE CLOCK. Five Pitches to Midnight. If the next guy gets a single. Pull him because that three-run home run is just a 2-0 count away. If he strikes the guy out or gets a pop up everybody can exhale, and we can reset the clock or turn it off.

Maybe we could have a special pitching coach sitting on the bench in a lab coat to advise Boone as to when the clock starts.

Put it on the Jumbotron! It will become a fan favorite in no time.


One more thing on the AYG-HAB™…  In my fantasy it’s an app, and while the game is on all the viewers enter their AYG-HAB™, the app amalgamates, and the booth has to report it.  

Imagine John Sterling saying,  “You know Susan, I’m not a big fan of numbers and statistics and all that, but the fans have Gleyber’s AYG-HAB™ in this situation as a 5.7. “  and she replies,  “He’s at least a 6.3 in my book.”  “Well let’s find out here’s the first pitch…”

It's a NEXT GEN solution for keeping the game interesting and, best of all, it doesn't require gambling.  

Oh...  No money stream at the fan's expense.  So I guess that ain't happening.  



Django Kill: If You Live, Shoot! (1966) said...
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JM said...

I love this idea. Given the state of the Yankees, the clock could be a highlight of the year. When the team is disappointing and the front office maddening, it's nice to have a Folly Floater or two to make the season at least a little fun.

Alphonso said...

It should be an app. Sell it to Yankee fans. We would all buy one Great idea.

Silicon Valley has nothing better to do.

I'll talk to Elon Musk. It can be an option for every Tesla and rocket ship !!

We have al ben using it for years, but only our personal version. Now we have something as a measuring stick.