Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Trade That Made Sense

It looks like El Duque had the inside track in his post of this morning.  

The Yankees are reporting they acquired Jameson Taillon today.  We didn't give up Clint Frazier but did send four propsects to the Pirates:

  • RHP Miguel Yajure (Yankees' No. 15 prospect, per MLB Pipeline)

  • RHP Roansy Contreras (No. 19)

  • OF Canaan Smith (No. 21)

  • SS Maikol Escotto
So, the trade that made sense came true.  If we could somehow sign Tanaka, that might make sense, too.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Sign Tanaka and Didi please.

Rotation is set (pre-injury of course).

Infield is set with a day off for everyone every week.

Of course, Boone will sit the hot bat.

Publius said...

Gerrit Cole, Corey Kluber, Jordan Montgomery, Tommy John and Tommy John

Decent rotation

13bit said...

Brian is the seagull who circles the garbage dump...

el duque said...

Sometimes, you wonder what forms of life exist beyond the Van Allen Belt.

On that note, I have never, ever, ever... heard of Maikol Escotto.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Duque, Escort played 45 games in the Dominican Summer League for us in 2019, hitting .315/.429/.552/.981, with 8 homers and 13 steals in 16 attempts, and while playing all over the infield. He was 17.

Will he be any good? I have no idea. Will the other 3—all in their top 21 prospects, two of them pitchers—be any good? Not a clue.

But they were all dealt for a broken down plug on its way to the glue factory.

Sure, glad it wasn't Clint or Miguel. But why just throw perfectly promising young prospects at this 1,000-1 shot?

Anonymous said...

HC66, all due respect, you were saying similar things back when the Yankees were trying to acquire Cole from the Pirates. There is always a risk. Not to imply that Taillon is Cole, but the upside is worth what they gave up.

13bit said...

We don’t know yet what we gave up.

HoraceClarke66 said...

True, Anon, but at the time they were talking Andujar and Gleyber for him.

Sure, the way things worked out, that would have been a good deal, and probably won us a ring. (Although who knows what stars Miggy and Torres MIGHT have become on a team on which not everybody suffers debilitating injuries and precipitous declines.)

But it seemed way too high from what the Yanks seemed to be planning at the time: give up a good part of the core you're counting on for the future, in return for one pitcher.

These four prospects, of course, are not nearly as highly rated or as close to the majors as Andujar and Torres were then. On the other hand, as you say, Taillon is not nearly where Cole was, or had been. He seems to be held together by string and bailing wire at this point, the poor guy.

But hey, maybe we'll get lucky.

Anonymous said...

Well said, HC66. I’m hoping we’ll get lucky with Taillon but, well, given Cashman’s track record with trading for starters...

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