Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Having added Marcus Semien, the Blue Jays are more loaded than ever

In case you missed it - or better yet, blocked it - Toronto/Buffalo yesterday signed IF Marcus Semien, who placed third in the 2019 MVP stolen election, to a one-year, $18 million deal. This comes just days after the Devil Jays backloaded OF George Springer and closer Kirby Yates, and a month after securing LH starter Robbie Ray. 

Hear that siren off in the distance? It's coming for us.

If the 2020 miniseason had lasted one more week, Toronto might have whooshed past us into the top Wild Card slot that Yankee fans have come to equate with success. In recent weeks, every hopeful Yank move - DJ, Kluber, Taillon - has been quickly countered by the Jays, who look ready to do to us in 2021 what the Devil Rays did last year.

Yeesh. They're practically a tag team. The Rays win the AL East and torture us in the playoffs, and then - come winter - they reload for 2022, slap hands with the Jays and say, "They're all yours!" Toronto had a rising team last year. They've now added three legitimate stars. And they might not be done. Their owner doesn't poormouth about paying luxury taxes.

Here's a possible lineup (with ages this year)

cf George Springer (32)
ss Bo Bichette (23)
1b Vladimir Guererro Jr. (22)
lf Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (27)
3b Marcus Semien (31)
dh Teoscar Hernandez (28)
2b Cavan Biggio, (26)
rf Randall Grichuk (29)
c Danny Jansen (26)

Supposedly, Guererro has ditched the Big Macs and no longer resembles Rosie O'Donnell in League of Their Own. He, Bichette, Biggio and Hernandez are, by themselves, an emerging nation. You might consider Jansen, a defensive catcher, as a weak link; he only finished about 40 points higher than The Great Sanchez.

(We should have a IIHIIFIIc Swear Bucket, where every time somebody blurts out "Gary" or "Sanchez," they must put five dollars toward a worthy charity, such as the Hal Steinbrenner Retirement Fund. Sadly, though, our 2021 may hinge on whether Gary makes a comeback. If he does, we have a chance. If not, well, we'll piss away two months  watching him, and then have to trade for a journeyman. Uh-oh, I gotta  put $20 in the bucket.) 

Toronto has an ace in Hyun Jin Ryu, and a rotation that - though it won't replace Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz -isn't a list of players who are rehabbing from Tommy John. Their top prospect, 24-year-old RH Nate Pearson, will be ready, so spare us your personal excitement about Deivi Garcia. Every team has one.

The Yankees still have a move or two to make. Maybe a LH bat. Maybe a pitcher. Maybe even a trade Clint or Miggy. Whatever happens, we'll likely go to spring training as favorites - for another Wild Card.

Oh, one last thing: 

Fuck "Catsup Curt" Schilling. 


13bit said...

Gardy is going to save us! Woohoo! GARY SUCKS ASS! Here is my five dollars. We are fucked beyond belief. Don’t let them pull the great mindfuck over your eyes again. Same old story, same old abusive tormentor Cashman. Same old enabler Hal. We are dog shit. Repeat after me...

ranger_lp said...

Sorry to break this to everyone but Gardy's bat speed is slower...much slower. Time to move on...

SoBoring said...

Fuck you and your politics always shitting up this otherwise excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

Boy they look scary:

cf George Springer (32) >> Hicks. Saw Hicks golfing in that LPGA event. He's really good when the ball don't move. Actually, to be fair it was kinda cool to see him play. And I don't hate him I'm just ready to move on.

ss Bo Bichette (23) > Gleyber I'm assuming he fields better.

1b Vladimir Guererro Jr. > Voit (Why can't I accept that he's real? Does anyone else have this problem? Seriously. I keep waiting for the Kevin Mass thing to happen.

(22)lf Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (27) = Frazier >>>>> Gardy. So they'd better play Frazier!!!!!!

3b Marcus Semien (31) < Urshala. So for some reason Urshala seems more real than Voit to me. I guess he has a higher AYG-HAB for me.

(And... I just want to say a big "Shehecheyanu" for the first time I've used that as an actual stat in a reply.)

dh Teoscar Hernandez (28) << Stanton when healthy = if anyone else but >>>>> Sanchez (and there goes five bucks)

2b Cavan Biggio, (26) <<< DJ. I'm not sure he is 3 < better but if I can't give it to him now he's never going to get it.

rf Randall Grichuk (29) << Judge if healthy < Frazier if he's not.

c Danny Jansen (26) >> San... Hey it's been a tough month and I need the $5. I was thinking of getting the Discovery Channel Streaming Package.

So Danny Jansen >> Mystery Catcher.

You know what? Fuck the Discovery Channel. Sanchez! Sanchez damnit! Sanchez!!!!!! Oh shit, there goes Netfix.

Doug K.

Carl J. Weitz said...

First things first-Yes, Fuck Curt Schilling...sideways!

Duque, I usually agree with you but not today. Sure, on paper Toronto with their off-season signings are better than they were. But their team isn't all that good. Their starting pitching is horrid. Ever seen their stats? Mostly under .500 and high ERA. They make the current Yankees starters look like the 1971 Orioles. The relievers aren't much to brag about, either. Kirby yates is their most recognizable name yet other than his 2 very good years in SD, his career is quite unremarkable. As are the rest of them. Either unproven or mediocre.

Their hitters are also unproven. Sure, they have pedigree names. Biggio, Bichette and Guerrero. But they aren't better than Andujar,Gleyber, Urshela or Frazier. Bo Bichette may be the best all around of the group but I'll take our hitters over theirs any day. No one on the Blue Jays can match our second and first basemen.

In a nutshell, we have nothing to fear from the Blue Jays this year.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Maybe it's just me but I see a blockbuster trade on the horizon with Voit and Andujar included for a starting pitcher.

Kevin said...

Funny, but nobody considers team defense these days. The Yankees have been near the bottom for most seasons, for over a decade now. It's hard to notice until we play teams who are actually good. With the exception of DJ, we suck up the middle. And there are still fans who pine for Andujar......

13bit said...

that's right, fuck Catsup Curt and his miserable politics. you tell it, mr aptly named...

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's remember Gardy's heroic sacrifice: instead of hitting the ball, he focused on hitting the dugout ceiling to motivate and inspire. Where would we be without his "(me) club house" leadership?

Speaking of leadership, he also lead the league (of stadium vendors) in TGUTTD-SEFAW: That Guy's Up, Time To Do Something Else For A While. Last "season", thanks to Gardy, I was able to re-tile our bathroom and watch Yankee baseball without missing anything!

As such an inspiration to ownership, management and beer vendors alike he's a clear favorite for Monument Park.

With this in mind, how about this novelty: Sign him for 8 Million, ignore/ruin/trade Frazier and Andujar, and have "Gardy" play Monument Park, as in literally lock him in there for the entire game. Imagine all the loud, dumb things he'll do while A) keeping him out of the batter's box because he can't hit, and B) inspiring his teammates to yet another World Series!