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Thursday, January 7, 2021

In stunning move, capping an incredible day in history, Yanks acquire Greg Allen

Wow! Wotta news day!  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a seemingly humdrum afternoon - with the usual Yankee tomfoolery, hi-jinx and folderol - exploded into molten chaos, as Team Cashman stole outfielder Greg Allen from the big-spending Padres. 

The Allen deal threatens to reshape the entire 2021 Scranton outfield, while bringing to an abrupt end the James Reeves Era in New York.

Actually, the embers of this fire were stoked last week, when the Padres cut Allen from their 40-man roster to make way for free agent Korean shortstop Ha-Seong Kim. (Note to Yank fans: Baseball is played in many countries, and occasionally, international stars come to America, to be bid upon by other teams. Secondary note: Don't go getting ideas, people! Mr. Steinbrenner simply can't afford such high-priced players. Money doesn't grow on trees!

So, whaddawe know about this belated-and-inexpensive Christmas gift? Well, Allen - age 28 - is one of those rare switch-hitters who struggle from both sides. Last year, he hit .154, with an on base percentage of .281. But but BUT... He's fast as a whistle, stole two bases last year - (only got on base seven times) - and said to be a defensive whiz. He can play CF, might be the best glove we have out there.

The lefty Reeves, 27, has been mired in the Yankee system since before Mike Pence discovered eating insects for the protein. He yet to taste an MLB clubhouse buffet. (He's seen one game above Double A.) Considering that a) San Diego had to trade Allen or lose him and b) the Yankees supposedly have a chorus line of Triple A arms, it's hard to condemn the deal.

So... let's be classy! Bravo, you nameless Yankee wonks! These are the kinds of deals that fill Brian "Cooperstown" Cashman's wheelhouse: a depth piece acquisition with little downside, which - who knows? - might  yield an Urshela or a Maybin. At worst, it provides insurance for the unthinkable, such as if the Yankees suffered a wave of injuries. (As impossible that is to imagine.) 

Wow. Wotta news day. At last, Allen is a Yankee. I found myself glued to the TV, toggling for updates between YES, ESPN and Comcast-Scranton. Nobody will ever forget where they were on a) Nine-Eleven, b) the night Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Thiesman's leg and b) the day the Yanks obtained Greg Allen. Way to go, juju gods. History marches on!


JM said...

"Allen - age 28 - is one of those rare switch-hitters who struggle from both sides."

Danny Thomas spit take.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Is there any way we can re-route the Trump protestors to the executive offices of Brian Cashman and the rest of the Bloated Front Office?

Celerino Sanchez said...

Ninja Cashman strikes again, he the best GM at getting useless players.

Anonymous said...

And the Meta just made the exact trade the Yankees needed to make. Sweet....

Kevin said...

The Mets get Carrasco and Lindor. And the band played on.......

HoraceClarke66 said...

Greg Allen...boy, I remember watching him play for so many years and thinking, 'Why can't a guy like that play for us?'

It's almost like when we signed Catfish.