Friday, October 7, 2022

1967: Metropolis Metro "Fencebuster" Fenwick breaks Maris' record

 Superman #192, January, 1967. 


Doug K. said...

Why did Clark miss the ball?

Did Red Kryptonite turn him into Ruben Amaro for 48 hours?

HoraceClarke66 said...

Did it ever occur to anyone else that Lois Lane was generally an unbearable bitch?

Just saying!

Doug K. said...

Little Known Fact:

A few years later, just before he was shipped out to Nam', the kid who caught the ball traded the autographed Fencebuster photo for 1/2 oz of Mexican Dirtweed.

Doug K. said...

Hoss -

Was she? I know her sister Lucy was. I mean, sure she made Clark look and feel bad there but he wasn't listening to her.

I'd be more worried about the guy in the hat. I don't like the way he's looking at that kid.

Who, by the way, got all that stuff and didn't have to give up the ball.

JM said...

Clark's experience matched mine the last time I ever played softball. After some years away from playing at all, the company team needed someone, so I gamely volunteered. But my fielding and batting eyes were woefully out of practice. And I really did stand under a can-of-corn fly ball to right that promptly came down and hit me right on top of the head.

After that, I retired.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I was just assuming that was Lois with him. No?

If not, I apologize.

Also love how dressed up everybody is for the big game.

AboveAverage said...

Cavill is coming back . . . . Carpenter-stach-free

AboveAverage said...

Doug - I think it might have been Pink Kryptonite . . . .

Doug K. said...

Hoss - You are correct. That was Lois. But remember she was a high achieving woman at a time when there were very very few lady reporters. Especially an "Ace" reporter. So when she sees a colleague fail to do a manly thing she can't help but feel triumphant.

Clark, if he wasn't so worried about losing his super powers and becoming Ruben Amaro (18 errors in 1967 for the Yankees), I'm sure would have pointed out that, at least he went for the ball.

And then melted her high heels with his heat vision.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Here is how the writers at DC Comics would always explain the impossible at the end of a Superman adventure that really could not be rationalized:
Because he is so small, no one could see that it was Mister Mxyzptlk who caused Clark to be exposed to Red K. He was under his seat gnawing on the empty peanut shells during the at-bat by Fenwick. Lest anyone forgot, Mr M. made a batch of synthetic Red K. in the 1960's and could always conjure up a supply with his magical fingertips.

And much of a pushy broad/miserable bitch Lois could be, you'd do her in a heartbeat! LOL