Tuesday, October 4, 2022

And in the end, the tomato can you beat/ is equal to the tomato can you meet.

So ends 2022, with a dollop of Heinz or Del Monte - a casserole of exhibition games and stat-padding workshops - though apparently not for He Who Most Deserves a Boost. 

It's amazing how much the sport seems to have rallied to save Roger Maris' record. In the NL, pitchers feed Albert Pujols belt-high fastballs like quarters at a peep show. But against Aaron Judge, opposing managers hold up four fingers before he settles into the box, or send out their stopper to face him. 

For the record, the Death Barge won the AL East legitimately, without tomatoes. They beat every team in their division. Aside from Houston and Seattle, they rolled the AL and, as the chart shows, pushed over every can in their way.

Against Del Monte, the Yankees went 52-21 - an early surge that gave them MLB's best record, in June, before the floor caved. But even against playoff-caliber teams, the Yankees went 46-40. Soon, the year will hinge on a five-game set against Cleveland, Toronto, Tampa or Seattle. No tomatoes, but if the Yankees can find three pitchers capable of throwing the 7th, 8th and 9th, they have a chance. 

Meanwhile, this we know: 

1. The Twins' Luis Arraez is a coward. Apparently, he's willing to phone in sick for the final week, as long as his batting average beats Aaron Judge. The simpering little baby hasn't played since last Thursday, and his .315 could deny Judge the Triple Crown.

If Arraez sits out the final week and wins his batting crown of thorns, Yank fans - no, baseball fans, everywhere! - must never forget his disgraceful, cowering treachery. Where's Trump with his death threats!

2. Whether he beats Maris or not, I am increasingly amazed at the grace Aaron Judge shows under pressure. Despite the stress - that on-field cameraman at Yankee Stadium has to get on his nerves - we have yet to see Judge a) snap at a reporter, b) fling his bat in disgust, c) fail to run out a grounder, d) stand at home plate and admire himself. We've seen hitters with less than 10 HRs go full "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" in the batters' box, so full of themselves that they barely reach second when their drive hits the wall. Not Judge. That's true greatness.

He is doing what few Yankees ever do: Win over fans who otherwise hate the team. It's a short list of those who made reluctant Yankee fans: Yogi, Mickey, Joe D, Jeter, Murcer, Mattingly, Munson, Bernie, Mariano, et al. Judge belongs.  

3. Oo, oo, jumpin Jehovastat! I just thought of something: If Judge fails to hit another HR, here's your tabloid headline: ALL WRITHE. 

4. Sad to see Sevy pulled within six outs of a no-hitter. But Boone made the right call. His next start - a million years from now, it seems - is all that matters. A no-no would be nice, but the memory would quickly turn rancid if Sevy fails in the  postseason. And everybody would be asking the same question: Did they leave him in too long? 


Celerino Sanchez said...

So Hi Ho Severino sucks us in again. Hopefully this time will be the real deal, but a guy with a lifetime 5+ERA in the playoffs doesn't give me a warm feeling.

JM said...

Pinstripe Alley had two good posts yesterday, one making the (obvious) case that Nestor should start Game 1 instead of Cole, the other saying that (obviously) Chapman shouldn't be on the postseason roster.

It's amazing to me that people in the comments were actually arguing those hypothetical decisions. Hypothetical because we know what the Yankees will do: Cole will start Game 1, and leaving Chapman behind is actually not a sure thing, although it should be.

And that, of course, it was is wrong with Cashman's teams and has been for a long, long time. The obvious is something to be avoided. The worst or riskiest decision--based largely on money paid and player past reputation--is likely.

As for Sevvy, I hope last night was not an outlier. He can be a great pitcher, better than post-sticky Cole, on any given day. That's one risk I'm willing to take. In fact, I'd rather see Nestor, Sevvy and Cole in that order than what I know we're going to get.

JM said...

Doubleheader today, first game at 2 pm, second tonight. Jameson 12 year old and Colace.

JM said...


Orange you glad?

ZacharyA said...

All 30 MLB teams have made the playoffs over the last nine years.

Way to water down the product, Manfred.

And if every team is able to make the postseason nowadays that should no longer be the benchmark for a successful GM (looking at you, Brian).

BTR999 said...

I’d like to be looking at him leaving the building.

JM said...

Wherever the idea came from that "making the postseason" makes you successful should be blown off the map. If you're a perennially sub-.500 team, it can be considered a success. Otherwise, you're trying to pull the wool over your fans' eyes.

AboveAverage said...

Boone Co will more likely go Sticky, Nasty and Sevy in das post.

Carl J. Weitz said...

JM...I'm happy for the Syracuse area that they are going to add 9000 computer chip jobs. This was done with tax payer funds through the late July computer chip legislation. The irony is that the chip manufacturing companies a couple of decades ago closed most of the US plants resulting in over 100,00 jobs lost by going to Asia so they could squeeze out a few more dollars. Now, they made what were equivalent to threats of blackmail if Congress (ie: the taxpayers) did not meet their ransom demands. How patriotic! In spite of the fact that they are billion dollar companies who pay little-to-no taxes, we paid that ransom. But when it comes to legislation helping the working and middle-class ( such as the student loan forgiveness program or daycare subsidies) it's mostly a resounding "we cant afford it".

Now back to sports talk...

JM said...

Yeah, I think that's only one party saying "we can't afford it," as they dole out tax reductions to the wealthy and to corporations.

And chip plants in general use a LOT of water. They can drain aquifers with blinding speed compared to other industries or normal household use. Getting those jobs is not a free ride, and the plants often hire many people from outside the area/region.

But back to baseball...lol

EDB said...

I understand that Arraez has a bad hammy. If he does not and he is willing to sit, he is a wimp.

JM said...

Marly Rivera
Pitcher Matt Krook is in the Yankees clubhouse. Got the call last night to come up. Told @ByKristieAckert and I he’s (of course) very excited to be here.

River Ave. Blues
Very cool. Former minor league Rule 5 Draft pick. Was part of the Evan Longoria trade back in the day. Set the Triple-A Scranton single-season strikeout record this year. Lefty with a heavy sinker, walks a few too many thought.

BTR999 said...

More Hicks! More Gonzalez! Harrison (.208, 2 rbi) Bader batting clean up!

I love the smell of futility in the morning! Smells like…well, not victory. Something else

Since I cannot watch today, this will be Judge’s last, best chance to hit #62.

AboveAverage said...

born to run?

Did your Doctor prescribed less Yankees baseball for a healthier, longer life?

Carl J. Weitz said...


Here's how Judge has fared in his career against the starters the Rangers are scheduled to go with in their last three games which includes a doubleheader today (only two starters have been announced).

Judge vs. Glenn Otto: 0-for-3
Judge vs. Jon Gray: 0-for-1

Arraez will face the White Sox with a chance to win his first batting title.

Arraez vs. Johnny Cueto: 3-for-9
Arraez vs. Lucas Giolito: 6-for-26
Arreaz vs. Davis Martin: 1-for-2

HoraceClarke66 said...

Good points, Carl Weitz. Although I'm glad to see at least part of our manufacturing base return. Letting it run away to slave-labor countries was an enormous mistake, one largely supported by both parties.

As the pandemic demonstrated, international supply lines are a huge risk for many reasons—and an enormous waste of polluting energy.

Better they are here—and better chip factories than those (largely unmanned) things wasting enormous amounts of energy to churn out logarithms for cryptocurrencies.

JM said...

Ron Marinaccio is going on the IL with a stress reaction in his shin, Aaron Boone says.
12:18 PM · Oct 4, 2022

BTR999 said...

AA, he did say something about the link between obsession and anxiety. When I mentioned I was also a NY Giants fan, he sadly shook his head and left the room.

Pocono Steve said...

Marinaccio's in shin pain? I never would have guessed he was Irish!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Pun of the Season, Pocono Steve!

But have no fear: he Can'na Fail! (sorry)

Carl J. Weitz said...

@ Horace.... LOL, don't be like Larry!


james said...

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