Monday, October 31, 2022

"I talked this week to a former longtime employee of the Yankees. This person likes Cashman, but is not a blinded loyalist. He pointed out a reality many overlook: 'You guys [reporters] and fans have no idea of the [bleep] the GM of the Yankees has to deal with.'"


Joel Sherman, on the life and times of Brian Cashman...

Yeah, I bet Cash absorbs a lotta daily crapola from Food Stamps Hal, whose austerity plans set every agenda. But it wouldn't be one iota of the B.S. he'd get from Steve Cohen.

Why is it that everyone who ever leaves the Yankees always implicitly - or flat-out, openly - threatens to sign with a rival? 

(Does anybody NOT expect Aroldis Chapman to want revenge against his old team, despite the fact that he was a) horribly ineffective, b) embarrassed by his tattoo infection and c) stupid to blow off a mandatory team workout, because his ego was bruised? But watch: He'll want to sign with a Yankee enemy, right? Hell hath no fury...) 

With Cashman, it's the timeworn scare tactic: If the GM loses his job, he'll re-surface as a Met and devote himself to beating the Yankees - perhaps by stealing Aaron Judge? - and we fans should fear this ultimate calamity. 

Well, I don't. If Cashman goes, at least we can start over. And if he feels no loyalty to an organization that stuck with him for 25 years, through thick and thin - that is, he simply runs to the Mets - (unless Boston offers a better deal?) - let him go. He can bring in a Mets version of Joey Gallo.  

I get it that baseball is a cutthroat business. But I've known many people who, after being laid off, refused to work for competitors out of simple loyalty to their friends. I'm not saying Cashman would be wrong or unethical to work for the Mets. I'm just tired of hearing Chicken Little prophecies whenever the Yankees ponder a change. 


JM said...

So, is there any way we can speed up this potential development? I mean, is there any chance that Hal will drag his kinky booted feet with the Cashman contract? Please? And Cash bolts across town to decimate another New York team?

It can't be hard to find a replacement for him. Hell, I can pass up great players who are free agents and instead take on busts, losers, and over-the-hillers. I bet I can even score a decent acquisition now and then, just like Cashhole.

What will it take to hasten Brain's exit? Sacrifices to the Juju gods? Prayers to St. Minnie Minoso? Wearing inside-out Yankee caps in idiotic fashion?

All suggestions welcome. TYIA.

BTR999 said...

Happy Halloween 🎃

My take is that Cashman has simply been in power too long. This breeds arrogance, too much faith in one’s own abilities while you devalue the opinion’s of others. For example, can it be that no one spoke out against the Hicks extension or the acquisition of Stanton? Or is Cashman surrounded by yes men (no pun intended) who bray like jackasses at his every utterance? The franchise has completely stagnated over the past decade or so, and still there is no change on the horizon. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of pressure and outright bullshit that Cashman must endure from a trust fund baby like Steinbrenner (whose own arrogance and inflated sense of self-worth are probably inflated Hulk-like compared to mere mortals), but what management job doesn’t? Many is the shit sandwich I’ve consumed throughout my career. You learn to force yourself to swallow it, but you don’t savor the taste. Weep not for Cashman, whose every horseshit-on-rye is sweetened by the multi-million salary that accompanies it. I have no fear of Cashman or any team exec, player, or waterboy going elsewhere to wreak revenge upon us. This team needs a clean slate, a re-set. I wish I could offer some practical advice on how to expedite change for this fossilized franchise, but as long as the life blood - MONEY - keeps flowing in nothing will change.

JM, we can pray to. St. Minnie Minoso, but we really need to pray to St. Money Minoso to help us.

ranger_lp said...

Let's see if we are bidding against the Mets for Theo Epstein...

JM said...

Theo Epstein would be great. I think he did a fantastic job with the Beatles.

Pgpick said...

Duque, please check your histories, but did we not, at the time, think the extension of Hicks was a steal? Did we not all rejoice with the slight of hand that brought us Stanton?
I certainly do not agree with the apparent need to pick up lug nuts off the scrap heap, but just want to remind ourselves that hindsight is always 20/20.

Celerino Sanchez said...

Please let him go and ruin another organization. Imagine HOF Cashman in KC, Pitt, Cleve or TB where he would actually have to evaluate talent and not just spend $$$$ to try erase the stupid $$$ he spent the years before

DickAllen said...

So, The Intern puts up with a lot of shit, does he?

Makes perfect sense considering all the expensive shit he's acquired over the years. Then there's all the talent he's developed that has turned to shit.

What makes him such a genius is that none of the shit ever sticks to him. King Midas in reverse.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Cashman to the Mets? Oh, be still my pounding heart!

All the shit Cashman has to put up with? Yeah, I suspect that it consists mostly of having to spend so much time schmoozing media suckers such as Sherman and Bob Klapisch.

This is, of course, more of the Yanks' ongoing, disinformation campaign about how we the fans are the real problem with the team, not Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, or HAL.

I'm with JM and 999. And Celerino, I think you're completely right: Cashman in a small market would be lost.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Pgpick, I always liked Hicks more than most here, but I thought that contract was crazy, considering Hicks' already extensive injury record.

As for Stanton, I plead guilty. I, too, had visions of the Twin Towers leading the Yanks to pennant after pennant.

But others saw the deal for the disaster it was, including our own Dauntless Leader, Alphonso. Point is, this isn't rocket science, and Cashman seems to constantly fail to do even the most basic research on guys he acquires (see Frankie Montas, most recently). And worst of all, he never admits a mistake—in fact, he keeps bringing them back, witness Javier Vazquez and Nick Johnson.

The older I get, the more I appreciate how hard it is to do any job. Even ditch-digging. Seriously: I would not know how to do it without throwing my back out in the space of two hours.

But GM of the Yankees? I think almost anyone here could do it, if only because we wouldn't have the runaway arrogance that 999 mentions. We would hire the best baseball people we could find, and listen to them.

Not our Brian.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Also, in case you didn't notice, the Sherman piece was Cashie throwing his boss under the bus.

He puts up with an unbelievable amount of shit? Hmm, where are we supposed to believe that shit is coming from?

The clear implication is that HAL is much, much harder to work for than we realize. Which, I suspect, is untrue. HAL seems like a seriously warped, sad individual—you never see him smile—but he also seems quite content to let others tend to the nuts and bolts of the business.

He seems to set certain guidelines on spending, and then pretty much let Cashman have at it, while spending most of his time in Florida. That seems to me far from the worst sort of boss to have—particularly compared to mad old George—but nonetheless, here is Cooperstown subtly dissing him in the public press.

It could be that HAL is too dumb to realize this, or just doesn't give a shit as long as the money keeps flowing. But good luck hanging your own boss out to dry like this, come contract time.

AboveAverage said...

HC - you honestly think that you could actually dig ditches for a full two hours before your back would go out?