Wednesday, October 5, 2022

You can't predict baseball, Suzyn. At least we sure couldn't.

The Yankees finished with 99 wins - more than our commenters foresaw last March.

Congrats to Carl J. Weitz and Ids Dutchfan, commenters who were not swayed by our traditional overwhelming negativity. (And if we don't win a ring, wait till next March and you see some REAL negativity.)  

Here are the predictions. Read it and weep. 


Carl J. Weitz: 97
Ids Dutchfan: 97
Above Average: 96
Parson Tom: 96
JM: 95 (Top IIH Blogger)
Gary Frenay: 94
Doug K: 93
Kevin: 93
Platoni: 93
Local Bargain Jerk: 92
ZacharyA: 91
Dantes: 90
Yankees Shamus: 90
Alphonso: 89 (Yeesh)
Ranger_lp: 89
Anonymous Bosch: 89
Publius: 88
Hinkey Haines: 88
Ken of Brooklyn: 88
Borntorun999: 87
Scottish Yankee Fan: 87
DickAllen: 86
The Hammer of God: 86
Oasisdave: 85
Hunter: 84
Rufus T Firefly: 83
13bit: 82
The Archangel: 81
el Duque: 81 (Yeesh)
The Win Warblist: 80
HoraceClarke66: 77 (Yeesh)
RtotheE: 70


HoraceClarke66 said...

I plead guilty. I never thought that the Yanks' pitching would hold up as long as it did, and I never anticipated a year from Judge like the one he had.

But...the fun ends here.

13bit said...


What’s in a number, anyway?

JM said...

95, 97. all means the same in a meaningless universe. What counts is the postseason, for which Cashman has done a great job of fucking us up. It's always about the pitching, and he screwed us on a level unseen during previous Cashman capers.

Idiot. Clown. Moron.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'd counter to say that our Negative JuJu lit a fire under their collective ass, LOL! It was 99 that took them to 99,,,,,
Now it's the post season, annnnnnnd all bets are off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hammer of God said...

@Ken of B, yeah, I agree that it was #99. It seems poetic that they ended up with Judge's # as their win total.

In defense of all of our resident geniuses, (or is it genii?), myself included (hehehe), none of us foresaw this Judge record breaking season. Judge finally reached his "potential" (there's that dirty word again). He stopped chasing those sliders down and away and became more aggressive with hittable pitches and made more contact. His swing became more compact and he became a smarter hitter. He seemed to see the ball better. Take away Judge (or put in the Judge of the last few years) and this would've been a .500 ball club.

It's always predictable that a guy will have a big year in his walk year, with the potential for a big contract dangling before his eyes, human nature being a huge factor. Judge got married last offseason. He probably stopped whoring, drinking soda, eating potato chips & candy. His only vice appears to be chewing bubble gum. But I don't think anyone could've predicted this kind of season.

Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche, who cut out all junk food, ended up leading his team to the promised land of hockey in 2022 and beat the hated Tampons. Let's hope that Aaron Judge can also lead the Yankees to the promised land this year and beat the hated Tampons, ASS-stros, and Dodgers.

TheWinWarblist said...

I must point out that I was left off of the original poll!! I HAD TO USE MY MOD PRIVILEGES TO INSERT MYSELF!! THAT SHOULD MEAN SOMETHING!!

Or maybe just a perfunctory fuck?