Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Yankees would make a huge mistake by overlooking Tim Locastro

 Okay, think with me: Tie game, bottom of the 8th, two outs, and the Guardians walk Jose Trevino, who is as fast as a downtown bus. We need a runner in scoring position. We need a stolen base.

Just as we once needed Homer Bush, or a young Brett Gardner, or the Arizona Diamondbacks needed Dave Roberts, or countless teams have needed countless speedsters in the cold late hours of October... the Yankees will need a specialist, a thief, a guy whose mere presence rattles the pitcher, rouses the stadium and stresses the defense.  Everyone knows he's gonna run. Try and stop him, Cleveland. 

People, that guy is Tim Locastro. Why aren't we hearing more about him?

Look at the numbers: Locasto finished  fifth on the Yankees in SB, though playing in only 37 games. Only twice was he thrown out (and I recall one of them was only because he over-slid second.) He has 39 career SBs, only 5 CSs. He is probably the team's fastest runner - some say it's Oswald Peraza - but the kid lacks Locastro's experience. He's not the same threat.

What we've seen from Locastro is the ability to come off the bench, stretch, jump up and down, run a wind sprint, and then shoot off for second base. If the Death Barge overlooks him because - what? it needs 14 pitchers? - it will haunt us when the critical pinch runner turns out to be Aaron Hicks. 

Look, I'm not day-drunk on Locastro. Guy doesn't hit, I get it. He batted .186 without pop. He'll probably never be an everyday player. But this isn't every day. This is one job - wreak havoc. He's the best we've got. It's a 26-man roster. Fer kricesakes, everybody, why isn't this being discussed? 


AboveAverage said...

Excellent question and analysis- Sir Duque.

Looking forward to the Havoc & Chaos the speeding LoCastro Locomotive brings during our post season.

borntorun999 said...

Since MLB is fucking with all the rules, and there is no sanctity with anything, why not add another roster spot or two for the post? Perfect for players with limited but viable skill sets, like LoCastro.

AboveAverage said...

Gerrit Cole will start Game 1 of the American League Division Series for the Yankees on Tuesday vs. the Guardians at Yankee Stadium, manager Aaron Boone announced Sunday. Nestor Cortes will start Game 2, with Luis Severino going in Game 3.

Boone also said reliever Aroldis Chapman will not be on the postseason roster.

Boone said the reason was that Chappy won’t be on the roster is because he was a bad boy and missed a workout without an adequate excuse.


AboveAverage said...

Not surprised about this roster set up.

Understood the hopes and dream of many here that Cole would not be number one.

But we all knew it would be this sequence.

GODSPEED everyone.

Lettuce root root root for our home team.

JM said...

See ya, Chappie.

EBD said...

You know the season's over when the Yankees' hopes hinge on Tim Locastro.