Friday, October 14, 2022

Greatest Yankee broadcast duos, ranked... and other matters

Okay, tell me I'm nuts...

To commemorate the TBS return of Bob Costas 
(paired with Ron Darling, like red wine & Skittles...)


10. Hank Greenwald & Tommy Hutton (1987-88)
 9. Phil Rizzuto & Tom Seaver (1989-93)
 8. Michael Kay & David Cone (2002-present)
 7. Tim McCarver & Bobby Murcer (2001)
 6. John Flaherty & Al Leiter (2006-18)
 5. Ken Singleton & Jim Kaat (1997-2006)
 4. Phil Rizzuto & Bobby Murcer (1991-96)
3. Red Barber & Mel Allen (1954-64)
2. John Sterling & Susyn Waldman (2005-present)
1. Phil Rizzuto & Bill White. (1971-86)

Debate, anyone? Meanwhile...  

1. Hot scoop: Carlos Correa will declare free agency! Excuse me. I just farted. 

Who cares? If the Yanks were going to sign him, or even lodge a bid, we'd have done it last winter. They won't now because... 

a) They have two young shortstops (Volpe and Peraza)
b) They also have Kiner-Falefa and Cabrera
c) He'll seek a franchise-sinking 10-year deal
d) He's still a fucking cheater. 

Last winter, the sum of Cooperstown Cashman's trades allowed Minnesota to grab Correa on a sweet one-year deal. If you went back in time and scuttled our trade for Josh Donaldson and IFK, so we could snag Correa, his 22 HRs and .291 average would certainly have helped us. Maybe he could show us how to cheat? Also, we might have a revenge weapon against Houston.

2. Ah, Houston. (Why do the cheater Astros seem angrier at us than we at them? We should be the ones boiling for vengeance. Why do I sense they've got a hotter butt plug than we do?)

Watching Houston dismantle the young, cuddly Mariners - with their adorable little circle dance! - gives me heartburn. If we get to play the Astros - (sorry, juju gods, but I won't give you a locker room quote; we take nothing for granted) - we will need a bullpen hero, an Olympian who strides in from the bullpen singing "The Impossible Dream" and who then staves off the Orcs. 

I don't know who that Yankee is.

Old Rumsfeld once said, "You go to war with the army you have." Same with bullpens. But I can't recall one as unsettled as what the Yanks are putting out there. Even with everybody tanned and rested, no Yankee lead is safe. (In Game One, two late DPs saved us, but they didn't negate that we had put runners on base.) Can Clay Holmes magically regain his command? It's been four months. 

If your savior can't save, who saves your savior? 

This we know: Seattle won't beat Houston. And the Astros eat bullpens.

See you at 1:07 p.m. 


Pgpick said...

Mel Allen and the old Redhead easily outshine any of the rest. No doubt, no question, no debate…….

Celerino Sanchez said...

Holy Cow! It’s Scooter & White.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

This is top ten list is a roundabout way of telling everyone your age.

Doug K. said...

Marconi and Hertz

TheWinWarblist said...

The only list Michael should ever be on is "Whatever happened to ..."

Greenwald and Hutton were much better than 10th. They were excellent. Both had lengthy TV broadcast careers.

FUCK! Michael Kay!? C'mon 'Duque! Tighten up your shit!


JM said...

I don't even remember some of these guys, and I'm certainly old enough to remember them. Maybe they called games when I wasn't watching very many. There were stretches...

Piiax said...

I grew up listening to Barber and Allen. They were story tellers. Things are so different now it's hard to compare, especially when the nostalgia gets to you, not only their voices but the great Yankee teams then. Loved to listen to Allen during rain delays, he would just talk and talk through them. Great stuff.

Publius said...

Sterling and Kay deserve to be on that list. Hell, Sterling and Steiner should be there.

borntorun999 said...

I’m too young (don’t get to say that too often these days!) to remember Allen/Barber.
Just want to give a shout out to Fran Healy, who always tried to make the proceedings more entertaining.
More recently, the smooth professional and dulcet tones of Mr. Ken Singleton.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

You can only go to war with the Rumsfeld you have.

TheWinWarblist said...

Rizzuto. There should always be more Rizzuto.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Barber and Allen were the Ruth and Gehrig of broadcasters.

Buuuuutttt...Suzyn and The Master only SECOND???? WTF is the name of this blog, anyway? "Hey, White!"?

The Archangel said...

With all due respect.
Suzyn and Sterling are... not good.
You don't know the score, you don't know what is happening on the field in live time because the Master is talking about something that happened 3 innings ago , which we already know because he has mentioned it 10 times already.
And, of course you have no idea where a deep fly ball actually is because he goes into his canned HR call; hence the name of this blog.

It's not longevity, it's quality. They do not belong second, and I genuinely like them as people.

This is sacrilege I know, but keeping it real. Look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself the they are better the White, Scooter, Murcer, Ken. S, Frank Messer, and Jerry Coleman.

I'm ready let the abuse begin

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Messer and White.

They carried innings 8 and 9 every day. Scooter was busy picking up cannoli's at some bakery in Jersey to bring home to home to Cora by the eighth.

And how the fuck does spell check question 'cannoli'?