Monday, October 3, 2022

Twilight for El Chapo: The comeback isn't coming

Of course, you know by now that Aroldis Chapman couldn't hold the Orioles yesterday, filling the bases and walking in the eventual winning run. His meltdown was so perfect, so precise, so Chapmanesque, that once he fell into his personal Abyss, you couldn't imagine him ever climbing out. You know how they say bad movies go straight to home video? Chapman's pitches go straight to the backstop.  

But this is old news. For five years, Chapman has been working on The Secondary Pitch - his "wipeout slider" that would save him in old age, when his fastball turned ordinary. The slider never slid. In recent years, he's been a roller coaster ride, intermittently dominating or horrible - and terrifying to Yankee fans. 

When Chapman comes in, no lead is safe.  

For me, the Chapman Era began to unravel on the night of Aug. 13, 2017, in Yankee Stadium, against the first-place Redsocks. The Yankees led 2-1 in the ninth, a game they desperately needed. They brought in Chapman, who quickly fanned Hanley Ramirez. Next up, a 20-year-old 3B they were touting: Rafael Devers.

It didn't seem fair, subjecting the LH rookie to LH Chapman's 102 mph fastball. He quickly fell behind, 1-and-2. Then, kaboom - a HR to left-center - leaving El Chapo gulping, sweating, staring, dumbfounded - a look we would see many times over the years. Boston won the game in 10 innings. They later won the world series. 

Chapman has gone through good and bad stretches, but his mystique was never the same. He once terrified opposing batters. Now, he terrifies Yankee fans. 

Now this. Yesterday, he couldn't throw strikes. At any time, he is capable of flying off the Yellow Brick Road. It doesn't matter if he strikes out the first two batters on six pitches. The next six might go straight to home video. 

No way the Yankees can bring him into a postseason game. No fucking way. 

Right? Please, tell me I'm right. Please, please, please... TELL ME THERE IS NO WAY THE YANKEES WOULD PUT HIM ON THEIR POSTSEASON ROSTER.

The Aroldis Chapman era is over. 

Next year, he'll be 35. Surely, some team will give him a shot. I wish him luck. But everything ends. And this is long overdue.  


BTR999 said...

Good Morning All

1. Chapman never should’ve had his contract extended. Another, often overlooked, Cashman mistake.

2. Chapman will be on the post season roster. It’s how the organization operates.

JM said...

If the move is stupid, you can count on Cashman.

mik said...

Yesterday Boone waited until FlopSweat gave up 3 walks and a base hit before it dawned on him that this simply ain't working. The management around here doesn't seem all that swift, it would be no surprise if El Chapo makes the post-season roster. It's very difficult to put yourself in the doghouse in the Bronx.

ranger_lp said...

I'll actually be surprised that Rolaids ends up on the post-season roster.

If you get rid of Britton and Rolaids that's at least 20 million/year. Enough to pay Judge's contract...

Carl J. Weitz said...

There's only one reason that Chapman has a shot at the post-season roster. The same reason they play fading players daily like Stanton, Hicks, Donaldson et al. over better budding talent on the 40-man roster. The very same part of the equation that is dominant in the Bloated Front Office's decision making: $$$$$$$$$$$!

If it weren't for the basic agreement between the MLBPA and MLB, every high salaried has been on the Yankees roster, either healthy or on the IL, would serve as domestic help or laborer on Plantation Steinbrenner.

Doug K. said...


I'm pretty sure that all the $$ would have been paid by the end of the season so Chapman's salary won't enter into it.

Neither will the need to protect his ego for next year (Donaldson, Hicks, Stanton) because his contract is up. So the things that might have kept him on the roster are not there.

Doesn't mean the Yankees will make the right decision (they are, after all, the Yankees.) but the odds are much better that they leave him off. Yesterday should have been the final "audition" and he failed.

I guess the best indicator will be if he get's used again in Texas and where. -- That said one of the days has a double header so he might get in again.

ZacharyA said...

If the Yankees take a 13-man pitching staff to the ALDS as usual, it just makes too much sense to leave Chapman off.

Gerrit Cole
Nestor Cortes
Luis Severino
Jameson Taillon

Clay Holmes
Jonathan Loaisiga
Wandy Peralta
Scott Effross
Lou Trivino
Ron Marinaccio
Lucas Luetge
Domingo German
Clarke Schmidt

Peralta can come off the IL this week. Holmes has a "shoulder sprain", and Marinaccio has a shin issue. If any of those three guys aren't ready to pitch, there's Chapman's ticket onto the roster.

Of course, Frankie Montas, Albert Abreu, and Miguel Castro are also lurking somewhere, and although none deserve to be on a postseason roster, I'm sure the Yankees will find a way.

Doug K. said...

For those of you last missed it. SNL's cold open last night was a parody of the Manningcast.

It was pretty funny and Miles Teller does a great Payton.

As long as I'm talking Miles Teller my favorite show this year is still "The Offer"

JM said...

First round of the playoffs is best of 5. We don't need so many pitchers. A few starters, the ones not slated to start go to the pen. Marginal pen members get bumped. Which is most of them, so it will be interesting to see which actually do sit down.

As for Chapman, I think it's time for a career change.

"You know, I used to be the most feared closer in baseball. But when the wind is blowing, the sun is bearing down, and you're out on the mound, you have to protect your lips from getting chapped. That's why my teammates always called me Aroldis Chapstick!"

It'll work, I tell ya.

ranger_lp said...

@Carl...they can put Rolaids on the 60 day EL with a deflated ego...

JM said...

Ranger, couldn't that fall under mental health? ILed due to mental health issues--deflated ego. Oh, and he shot the garage.

el duque said...

Regarding SNL: At first, I thought Miles Teller WAS Peyton Manning. He has him down.

edb said...

The Chapman ERA will continue into The Playoffs, when Chapman is placed on The Yankees' Playoff Roster and The Doofus Manager uses him in a Playoff Game.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Actually, mlk, it's VERY easy to get in the doghouse in Yankee Stadium—IF you are not someone Brian Cashman has staked anything on. Witness Miguel Andujar.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And yes, it seems that Chapman has failed his final audition for the postseason. We'll see. But I'm glad it came yesterday instead of IN the playoffs.

13bit said...

Ditto to all.

I love you all.

Doug K. said...


You know it's funny, when we were growing up there were so many iconic voices to do impressions of. I used to do the obvious ones... Bogart, Cagney, Edward G, Lugosi, Karloff, George Burns, Geraldine (until my balls dropped), Brando, Bullwinkle, Howard Cosell, Nixon...

I even did a passable Everett Dirkson.

Later in life I added Dangerfield and Stallone. Easy stuff.

In the 80's I worked with a couple of really good impressionists as well. No not Rich Little.

But now media is so fragmented it's hard to find those kinds of popular impressions to do. In last night's show Mikey Day did Adam Levine. Was it good? I don't know.

I guess there's Trump and Bernie Sanders but for the most part it seems different.

I like the idea that maybe, somewhere out there, high school kids are getting their Payton Manning down.

Parson Tom said...

Clay Holmes just went on the IL, and Marinaccio just got pulled with an injury. The Yankees are going to get embarrassed by the Indians with a series of late-game heroics and comebacks.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah, it's strange. I thought it was just altercacker stuff that I didn't know many celebrities now, and didn't care. But I think that, really, Doug is right and everything is so fragmented now that nobody knows no one, as Yogi might have said.

BTR999 said...

Players do not get paid for the postseason, or spring training, so there is no financial impact for the team. For the Yankees, it is just the optics involved, and/or their SOP. Pitting the very best team out there is third.

BTR999 said...

The above is salary only; there is bonus money to be split among playoff teams.

It is based on actual gate receipts only, and does not include concessions, TV/Radio or (gasp!) gambling money.

Per the Business Insider:

Second-place teams in each MLB division (that don't win the Wild Card) -- 1% each ...
Division Series losers -- 3% each ...
Championship Series losers -- 12% each ...
World Series loser -- 24% ...

Perhaps not a lot for the wealthiest players, but winning the World Series means a lot financially for younger players.
World Series Champion -- 36%

Carl J. Weitz said...

@ Doug...Agreed on the part that his contract is up so they no longer have to worry about his ego/discontent.. But in his case, the fact that he is still being paid that much, even if pro-rated, likely will go into the decision. But their overall philosophy on who to play is dollar-based. If Brian Dabol was manager or GM of the Yankees, that criteria would not be used. Ask Kenny Golliday.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Ranger...I hope they do with the explanation " Chapman, you suck".

Doug K. said...


Gotta love Dabol so far.

I'm thinking, "Get me a grease board." becomes something people say in multiple situations. I know I will.

ranger_lp said...

Yankee roster moves today:

10/03/22 New York Yankees activated RHP Miguel Castro from the 60-day injured list.
10/03/22 New York Yankees designated RHP Chi Chi Gonzalez for assignment.

james said...

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