Wednesday, October 5, 2022

All Rest: Today, let John Sterling manage!

Last night, due to Yom Kippur, Suzyn Waldman missed Aaron Judge's historic HR - not that she'd have spliced in a word. The Master relished every sentence, chewed every syllable of a pre-written speech. (Which is fine. History, right?) In many ways, the words didn't matter. His voice was strong, his excitement as genuine as his love of the Yankees, and he thundered joy and relief - what you'd expect from one who, just perhaps, is near the end of a lifelong dream.

Thus far, we've heard no word on whether John & Suzyn will return next year. That's nothing new. Often, these matters don't get decided until winter, when Tampa looms and the Yankiverse resets itself. For now, there are the playoffs - a path that must pass through Houston, LA and maybe Queens. 

But John next year will be 85, and Suzyn, 77.  All bets are off, even on DraftKings. Because we cannot predict baseball, we cannot predict what the announcers will say, or maybe even who they will be. In recent months, due to health issues, Sterling has had to miss games, something he refused to do between 1989 and 2019, a 5,060 game streak that will likely outlast radio, itself. 

This evening, as the regular season ends, who knows what John will say about next year,  if anything? Obviously, he'll be obsessed with the playoff rotation, whether Matt Carpenter will return, and how about those incredible youngsters, Oswald and Oswaldo! 

But at some point, he will bid farewell - see you next year? Or, maybe no...

Well, I have an idea. I believe today's game should be something Yankee fans remember for the ages. 

Let John Sterling manage! 

Let Suzyn be bench coach. 

As fate would have it, the Yankees have an experienced play-by-play radio announcer - Jeff Nelson - traveling with the team. Also, Aaron Boone has experience as a color man. 

Let Sterling write the batting order - no doubt, an old-fashioned lineup with a speedster (Harrison Bader) leading off, a skilled bat-handler second (IKF?) and our best hitter third (Who else?) John can order bunts, hit and runs, play A-B-C ball and make calls to the bullpen, while Boonie reads the in-game ad copy.  

Most importantly, for the first time in 33 years, John Sterling can wear the pinstripes. 

What would happen with Sterling running the show? Damned if I'd predict... 


The sniveling, gutless, chickenshit coward  Luis Arraez played last night for Minnesota. He went 1-4 to maintain a slim lead for the batting crown. 

Today, if Judge goes 4-for-4, he'll raise his batting average to .315. If the cheap-ass, yellow-bellied, scareddy-cat Arraez sits out the game, the girlie-man, unballed, big baby he will likely rob Judge of the Triple Crown. If he plays and goes 0-3, he'll finish the season at .313. Does he have the guts to hit? Or will he be remembered in infamy? 


ZacharyA said...

To win the batting title, Luis Arraez must go 0-3 or worse and Aaron Judge must go 3-3 or better.

I just don't see any scenario where the Twins let Arraez go 0-3. They'll just pull him after two plate appearances or whatever. They'll protect the title for him. The Twins don't really owe us any favors.

The Archangel said...

The rumor in political circles are that John and Suzyn are going to step down after this season in order to prepare for their run for President and VP in'24.

Stang said...

Video of John making the call

Empire State Building lit for Judge

JM said...

Next year is very, very far away right now. Today's final season game is much closer. Here's hoping Judge hits like a madman.

The Archangel said...

That call my Mr. Sterling was the BEST of his career.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Thank you Mustang.

Nice to see the Master in full Broadway makeup.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I absolutely agree, that call from The Master was perfection and his shining moment, BRAVO!!!!!!!!

HoraceClarke66 said...

John and Suzyn, '24! There's no predicting politics!

The Hammer of God said...

I'm all for Sterling managing the final game of the season. He would not hit Judge leadoff, I'm sure. That 1st inning last night was a perfect example of why you don't put your best power hitter in the leadoff spot. He hit a homer, but it was only 1 run. Then the bases get loaded, but no more runs score and the inning ends 1-0. I hope BaBoone ain't going to hit Judge leadoff for the postseason too.

I hear Judge will be rested for the final game, though, so that's that.