Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Pass the Dubble Bubble

According to this AP article, he's baaaaack:

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner plans to keep Aaron Boone as his manager.

“As far as Boone’s concerned, we just signed him and for all the same reasons I listed a year ago, I believe he is a very good manager," Steinbrenner said Wednesday as he left the Yankees player development complex. "I don’t see a change there.”  

Well, alrighty then.


The Hammer of God said...

This confirms what we have long suspected. Boone is just a puppet following Cashman's orders. Since he follows orders so well, why would they fire him?

HAL must have been extremely happy with the results of this season. I thought Cashman might have been laying down some brush and pig's fat to sacrifice Boone at the stake for this year's performance. Nothing of the sort! HAL must be congratulating Cashman and Boone. Might even give Cashman some kind of 24K platinum medal, the Steinbrenner Family Lifetime Achievement Award For Excellence in Financial Management.

Publius said...

The Mental Skills guy. All his fault. He'll get shitcanned.

Piiax said...

The same ole definition of insanity. Who's more insane, Hal with his billions, Cashman and Boone with their millions, or us poor suckers who get so upset with what they've done to this team. And year after year.

Piiax said...

I guess Hal is stupid.

Kevin said...

Why should we expect any better from Hal? The number of owners who actually cared about winning the World Series has always been small. We got spoiled, now we will share our tears with Twins fans and their ilk.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I think there are many good arguments to be made—hard as they are—for NOT re-signing Aaron Judge.

BUT...those arguments should have been made a year ago.

Letting your greatest asset walk off the team in exchange for nothing, is madness. And you know, I know, and the American people know that if Judge DOES walk, the Yankees have absolutely nothing in mind for "rebuilding," save for more of the sorry same.

If they trot this same Yankees team back out there in 2023, without Aaron Judge, I for one will not be watching.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me: give me Judge or give me Seinfeld reruns!

Publius said...

Judge walks. Cash trades the Martian, Volpe or one Oswald, and three arms for post-weirdo injury Mike Trout.

Remember where you heard it first.

Doctor T said...

Hal prefers to work with people of his own social class. Hal is a trust fund brat. Aaron is a trust fund brat. Brian is a trust fund brat. Randy is a trust fund brat. Glasses will clink and champagne corks will pop in Greenwich. Trust funders got what they needed. Money.

Better not spoil the view by cluttering it with those who had to earn their way to the top.

It sets a bad example and unnecessarily raises expectations.

The Archangel said...

We can stay on this blog, but all forms of revenue streams from us to those assholes must end.

No more trips to the Bronx. No more merchandise. No more buying what is being sold by their sponsors.
No more MLB merchandise or DirectTv, Peacock etc. too.

I have just shrouded them.

Use the only voice that you have-- your money.

Spread the word to all that you know.
It is us against the machine.

P.S Please fuck yourself Hal.

Kevin said...

Archangel, RIGHT ON!

Kevin said...

MAD AS HELL, AND I WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AboveAverage said...

Here's a comment that may not be selected for the site header....

If I had five billion dollars I would offer to buy the yankees from the Steinbrenner family so I could fix this team and make it right!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Admirable, AA!

So, Channel 2 reporting that it looks like Boone is back. Interesting to see The Great One blast the decision.

BTR999 said...

For Steinbummer, the manager is just a cipher. It could be anyone willing to shut up and do exactly as they are told, with ass kissing done as needed. Perfect for a shallow clod without an original thought in his head.

Anyway, you didn’t really think little Stein was going to fire him with 2 years left on his contract, did you?

HoraceClarke66 said...

True that. But boy, when Mariano is off the bus, things are not good!

edb said...

Yes, Hal will keep him. He is a buffoon and a cheapskate. Boone gets outmanaged in the big games and looks foolish. His ridiculous lineups are ridiculous. No World Series in the Yankees future.

The Archangel said...

Next Old-Timers Game will be fun.
Mariano getting sustained Standing O and Hal afraid to even show his face.
Actually, that's like every Old-Tmer's Game

The Hammer of God said...

@Doctor T, Yeah, there is a lot of that involved. And that's why I'm convinced that they're not really trying to win. If surrounding himself with buddies is more important than winning, what's that say about HAL?

The Hammer of God said...

@Hoss, If Judge goes to San Fran, I'll be a newly minted Giants fan. I can't take anymore of this nonsense from Yankee management.

The Hammer of God said...

@Jimmy, I guess NY teams are more lucrative and it's easier for them to run a crappy business while still making lots of money.

Are the Rangers in that list? They did pretty well last year. Might take the next step this year.

The Islanders were on that list until a few years ago when they got new ownership and new management.

The Jets maybe should be on that list. They were so bad for so long that nobody gives a crap anymore that they're finally winning a few games.