Thursday, April 21, 2011


He's made the scene
He's got some crazy stuffed rear mezzanine
He pounds Russell's leather
With pitching far better
Then dead-armed Phil Hughes
We're using Bart's Law
He gives us time
If we don't grab this moment
It would be a crime
Love him, admit it
And we'll be acquitted
From dead-armed Phil Hughes
We're using Bart's Law
It's a law
With some slight flaws
Still he's the real ideal
It's a cool unbending rule
From which there's no appeal
Let's make some sense
If you're using Bart's Law
Balls won't clear the fence
Since I'm testifying
My faiths undying
Give in, baby give
And live by Bart's Law
He's just about our ace now
I rest my case now
The original version

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