Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Voice of the Yankees? "Don't go there, dude."

In today's Gray Lady, (now pay-per-view) Brian Cashman is asked to explain Mariano's longevitiy.

His reply: "I have no idea, dude."

At last, we can explain Cashman's longevity: Duhh. He's totally awesome!

Other Cashman comments that didn't make the story:

On Freddy Garcia's outing: Yo! He down with some seriously heinous shit. He gettin' severe booty tonight. "Like... heyyyy, lake trout! Wassup!" Year what I'm sayin?

On A-Rod: Fuck me. He all that and a bag of chips. Ka-CHING. I mean, he go out there and cap them Redsock motherfukkers, just for a few dead presidents.

On Jeter's slump: It's all good. Props. You think he bogus? You dissin cappy? You be trippin', fool.

On Kevin Millwood: Talk to the hand, bro. Deal with it. Fuk dis shit. Hello.

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Alibi Ike said...

Lake trout?

For all the peeps up in Thunder Bay?