Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say It Ain't So Derek, Say It Ain't So

All this talk about the upcoming Jeter book shakes El Capeetan fans to the core


JM said...

It's on the record now that Cashman asked Jeter to 'fake it' with A-Rod. Who else has Cashman talked to? Kate Hudson? Cameron Diaz?

Perhaps this is why Mrs. A-Rod ultimately divorced her wayward hubby. Maybe she was tired of 'faking it'. Maybe that big-busted stripper had no problem 'faking it' for the right price.

Big, big can o' worms here, people. This could be a bigger story than the Jeet biography.

JM said...

Btw, it would seem I owe Brett Gardner a huge apology for that whole Outer Limits thing. But as you can see in this photo, Brett is laughing the whole thing off.


Brett Gardner said...

Thanks for the apology John. I'm going to only strike out two times tonight.