'51 Yanks solve Mariano, take 2-1 lead over '98ers in G.O.A.T. World Series

"Suzyn, this is about missed opportunities..."
Pauly's baserunning blunder...
Superchief wobbly in fifth...
Did Torre bring in Mo too early?
Gil McDougald... G.O.A.T. MVP?
Knobby's drive falls short; it's a small ball series!
Next up: Eddie Lopat v Orlando Hernandez

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yankee Offense

The car is old and the odometer reads, 186,454 miles.

It really should only be used to drive the 2.5 miles to the train station.

But the Cashman's are still driving it all over the country.

No wonder it needs some attention from time to time.

This is getting to be too familiar a site.

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