Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Belongs To This?

Yesterday, a key Yankee won this.

Normally, he is considered a great offensive threat, a base-stealer, and a fine defender.

A second Yankee, not quite as
agile but with ( usually) more power, nearly earned it as well.

Seven strikeouts between them, and gaudy failures in clutch situations.

See if you know.


el duque said...

If what you're trying to do is criticize Brett Gardner, the HERO who saved yesterday's game with two incredible, Mays-off-Wertz catches, why don't you have the guts to come out and speak his name, his nombre, rather than crouch like a weenie and hide behind your Mexican boner hat!

Write this down: Brett Gardner will be our best outfielder in 2011.

Alph the Seer said...

I am simply presenting the facts.

My editorial comments were positive and encouraging.

He ( they ) are much better than Jesus's balls, at the moment.

A Member Of Alph's Troops said...

Incredible catches by the resurrected
(for 1 game) but still sucks Brett
Swish took 3/4 golden sombrero

el duque said...

I understand that you're doing your juju, and it HAS to be done. Just want the record to show who was with Brett Gardner, so when he makes his speech at the ESPY's, he'll know who to thank.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the truth hurts.......

Joe De Pastry said...

Too bad our best outfielder is our worst hitter. Whoever heard of a guy with 1 HR leading his team in strikeouts?

carl crawford said...

ESPY awards
extra sucky player of the yanks

JM said...

I think it was decent of everyone who hates Brett not to mention what his head looks like when he takes his helmet off. Has anyone seen that old Outer Limits with David McCallum, the guy who plays Ducky on NCIS? No?
Seek it out, you'll see what I mean.

Illya Kuryakin said...

I resemble that!