Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bingotown grad sells Yankee luxo-suites to scum-sucking rich

To you IT IS HIGH readers well into your second billion, Rose "Scranton-Wilkes" Barre is the luxo-lady to see. And mention the city chicken at Sharkey's, who knows... maybe she'll knock off a couple hundred thousand on your Yankee Stadium super box o luxury.

She's the Legends Suite Lady at the House that Rudy Built.

And she owes it to her old schoolpen just past the Applebees and car dealerships along Vestal Parkway: SUNY BEE.

"At Binghamton, I was able to hone my skills, and I had some great mentors there," Barre says, in a promotional story for SUNY B.

Good to know we've broken George's old Ohio State/Ithaca College pipeline.

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