Thursday, April 28, 2011


First, we love and respect the website called It's All About the Money, Stupid. 

After our IIHIIFIIc, they have the best abbreviation -- IIATMS -- in the Yankiverse. We read them every day. Everyone should. Obama should. They are comprehensive, well researched, well written, succinct, brief and entertaining. If the Nobel Prize were given for Yankee blogging, they would be finalists, if not recipients!

However... on the subject of Kevin Millwood, they are drunken, dumbass, oatmeal-for-brains, tweed-shirted drone-louts, who should be stuffed in a bottle and set out with the Sarasota red tide. They know nothing, NOTHING, about baseball, life, Kevin Millwood and justice. Nothing.

Write this down: If we bring up Kevin Millwood, the Yankees will win the 2011 World Series.*

This is a season when every Yankee victory matters. This is not a year to whine about how much we're overpaying a guy to pitch middle innings. (For that, we have Kei Igawa in Trenton.) This is no time to look at the checkbook and squawk. This is all-hands-on-deck, get-us-through-April-and-May, and let's-hope-to-catch-lightning-in-a-jar and save our youth for next year.

You cannot catch lightning in a jar unless you open the jar and run around in the back yard.

That is what we are doing with Kevin Millwood. And it's a good choice. It's a better choice than Bartolo Colon was. It's a better choice than Freddy Garcia was. The future is junk. Millwood can bring junk. We need junk.

*Note: This is not a binding prediction. No one can predict baseball. Everybody knows this. Thus, the above projection is voided unless Yankees promote and utilize Millwood to relevant specifications, to be outlined in future references.

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