Saturday, April 16, 2011

If you look carefully, I am standing in the shadow behind the first monument. My horse went back to the ranch after I vomited on his neck, following a rough night at the Rancher bar. I'm waiting for the temperature on the desert floor to fall below 120 degrees so I can begin moving again. I am a bit out of touch. Is Ivan Nova still a Yankee? Can Phil Hughes break 80 MPH on his "fastball?" Is Brett Gardiner hitting .300? Has Derek been moved down in the order? Are they tying his leg to his belt for reasons of timing his new swing? Personally, I think he should just forget about all the adjustments and play like he always has. I feel like the Yankees aretrying to re-train a race horse to do trail rides for kids. I wish to thank the staff and personnel of IIH,IIf,IIc for maintaining the site in these dry and tremulous times. If I make it back, you'll hear from me big time. However, I can't leave the desert while the Yanks remain in first place and Boston in last. It would be bad juju.

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Minka said...

God bless you Alphonso for all you do. We will always have Tampa.