Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John's Takeaway Points from Night of Hell

1. With no Yankee homeruns last night, the Yankee homerun total remains at 36. That's pretty good. But the team came up empty.

2. AJ was the tough-luck loser, having pitched his best game all season. That's a ray of hope to Yankee fans. If AJ is back to the way he was in 2009, he's going to win his share of ballgames.

3. Some nights, a pitcher has everything going for him, and that was the case with Philip Humber. Everything was going right for him.

4. That was a big run in the ninth scored by Chicago to make it a 2-run ballgame, and it started with a little pop fly that should have been caught. It's the little things that win and lose ballgames.

5. Of course, the name of the game is simple: Pitching, pitching and pitching.

6. Tomorrow, the White Sox won't have Philip Humber out there, and it will be an entirely different game. The score could be 20-19. Who knows? Isn't that amazing? You can't say what's going to happen. Anybody tells you they can predict baseball, they're wrong.


Bard Alph said...

Beware the ides of May for AJ.

Joe De Pastry said...

Maybe the Yankees will decide to play this game while awake, instead of sleep-walking through it like they did last night. That Humble dude had nothing.

Stang said...

Baseball is not like any other sport.

JohnF said...

I heard you can take all those stats and throw 'em in the East River!