Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John's Takeaway Points from Tough Yankee Loss in Canada

1. Mariano is HUMAN.

2. The outcome should not in any way lessen appreciation for the job that David Robertson did in the sixth, coming in with two runners in scoring position and striking out two batters. In fact, he was in line to be named Suzyn's Player of the Game.

3. He's human. Understand? Human. Every now and then, this happens to human beings. Nobody wins everything.

4. A-Rod has gotten another day of rest, and at this point in the season, Joe Girardi is doing the wise thing. And it's certainly easier to do when you have a six-time Gold Glove winning like Eric Chavez to come off the bench.

5. Humans make mistakes. Mariano is human. Thus, Mariano is going to make a mistake now and then. That's the way it is.

6. The Yankees have to get AJ straightened out. He was a different pitcher in the sixth.

7. Folly of man. That's all. Are any of us perfect? No. We're not gods. We're human. We bleed. We die. If we're lucky enough, we lead teams to pennants. Nobody lives forever. We cannot judge. What do I know?


Billy Graham said...

My question for John.
Is Brett Gardner human? Is he capable of redemption? Does he have any trade

Johnny Dickshot said...

The answer to all of the above is no. Brett's even uglier than me.

Joe De Pastry said...

My question:
Did Girardi seek advice from Torre during the offseason about how to use a bullpen? As soon as I saw Rivera's first pitch letter-high right down the middle I knew he was in trouble. At this rate all of our best relievers will be dead by August.

JohnF said...

How can you possibly second-guess going to Rivera in the 9th? That's the dumbest nitpick I've ever heard. He just didn't have it last night.
The real problem is using Nova when one run beats you.