Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's time to take nominations for April Yankee Employee of the Month

Kei Igawa, hop
Bartolo Colon, water for elephants
Freddy Garcia, win win
Kevin Millwood, sucker punch
John Sterling, scream 4
Jorge Vazquez, atlas shrugged
Gustavo Molina, i am number four
Derek Jeter, arthur

Who else?


Anonymous said...

Great moment from John and Suzy this afternoon: YES was showing a bunch of guys dressed up like Waldo. John and Suzy stalked talking for a second, and then Suzy asked John to explain what they just saw. He proceeds to explain that their monitor showed a bunch of guys dressed in red and white rugby shirts with stocking hats. Suzy continues to describe the horizontal stripes. Neither ever mentions that they're dressed as Waldo.

Mikegyro said...

Apparently John and Suzyn are still looking for Waldo..

Joe De Pastry said...

Russell Martin!