Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phil Hughes: Meet Dr. Andrews

So now it begins.

First, we lose Kei Igawa to the tragedy of Japan and then the tragedy of Trenton.

Before that, we lost Andy Pettitte for the year. He knew, didn't he?

Then we lose that singer from the Mets, Jose Feliciano, from over-use which the Yankees resource development department did not notice. I guess it is fair to say that due diligence by the Yankees for $9.1 million ( 3 year ) contracts is like monitoring Blackwater spending in Iraq.

And, please note; he was to be our premier lefty out of the bullpen. Not Boone Logan who, it turns out, gets righties out better than the designated lefty per game he is paid to get out.

Now gird yourselves for Phil Hughes to become Chin Ming Wong of 2011. One great season ( 18 wins last year ) followed by visits to Dr. Andrews in Birmingham; followed by the knife and a year or two of re-hab ( followed by a new contract); followed by more failure and a trade to the Nationals for a 33 year-old outfielder with a career BA of .168.

Phil Hughes was the one starter we never questioned during spring training. A stable, dependable guy whom we could pencil in every 4-5 days. Not the vacant, starting pitching hole(s) now filled by Freddy and Bartolo. Luckily we can soon turn to Kevin Millwood as our fifth starter.

Add to that; Jorge again hitting into rally killing double plays; Derek getting infield hits and saved from an error per game on great picks by Tex; slow starts by Swisher ( longest stretch of games in his career without a single HR) and, dare I say, Brett Gardner?

I won't even mention that 1000 yard stare I am starting to recognize from MO after his second straight blown save, at age 41. I know, he has a period like this every year. This is also not the time to comment upon the silent, wacko and mysteriously "unavailable" Soriano.

Nor will I mention the total flops of Jesus, Romine, the three B's, and the failure to recognize that Javy Vasquez is the best hitter we have, south of A-rod, Cano, Tex and Grandy.

And what is our lead over Boston today?

The fall of Rome begins.


el duque said...

I, for one, am starting to lose hope when Jorge Posada comes to the plate. We HAVE to give him the months of April and May; he's a great Yankee, and we cannot disrespect his past achievements. But he's a double-play waiting to happen.

Respectful Alph said...

I agree.

He looks like everything on him has slowed a fraction.

But Girardi may have to trash the season with these older dudes who are now under performing.

Joe De Pastry said...

Remember when everybody made fun of the Joba Rules? Maybe if we had sensible Hughes Rules last year
he wouldn't have pitched about 90 innings more than he did in 2009 and his arm would still be alive in 2011.

Captain 6-3 said...

Jorge is not a DP waiting to happen, that's just melodramatic BS.

Ignorant comments like that completely ignore the possibility that he leads off an inning, comes in with no one on first, or even with 2 outs.

It's a lot harder to GIDP than it looks.

Carmelo Anthony said...

I'm all for making ignorant, melodramatic comments